Keep Your Skin Safe AND Look Great with These Sunscreen Products That Double as Makeup


Many of us who are over 50 know first-hand how important it is to protect our skin. Does anyone else remember using baby oil as tanning lotion or using UV reflectors to direct more sun toward our body when we were sunbathing? I shudder to think what we didn’t know and what some of us did to get a tan!

The products I’ll be using in today’s video not only provide excellent protection from the sun, but also function as makeup – which saves time and money.

I have to confess that up until a couple of months ago I was unaware that many of the products I’ll be using today even existed. Even though I used and loved Colorescience’s Total Eye 3-in-1 Renewal Therapy (which acts as an under eye color corrector, hydrator and UV protector), I was unaware of their other sunscreen products that function as makeup.

So, when I happened to go on their website and saw their makeup-plus-sun-protection products, I was really excited to try some of them. In fact, I was so excited, I got an exclusive discount code you can use to purchase any Colorescience product. The code is ELISE15, used at checkout, and it gives 15% off of a one-time purchase made by July 31, 2021. Yay! And thanks Colorescience!

Note: If you watch the above video on YouTube (click on YouTube text in the video player above), you’ll find links to all of these products as well as the discount code in the description box below the video. Just click “show more” to get to the description box.

Create a Beautiful Glow with Sunscreen

I’m going to start by applying a face product which can be used alone or worn under makeup. I’ll apply foundation over it. It’s Colorescience’s Sunforgettable Total Protection Face Shield Glow which has a mineral sunscreen SPF of 50.

As I mentioned, I’m using the glow formula, but it also comes in a Classic version (with no glow) and a version that has a bronze tint. It’s necessary to shake the product well before applying and a nickel size amount for the face is recommended.

If you’re also using it on your neck and décolletage, an additional amount of product will be needed. And it’s also suggested that it should be applied 15 minutes before exposure to the sun. I love the fact that this product does not feel the least bit greasy and applies so easily and effortlessly. It also provides some hydration, has anti-oxidants and protects against UVA/UVB, blue light and infrared radiation.

Next, I’m applying my Merit Minimalist Perfecting Complexion Stick in the color “Dune.” I like to apply it with a brush and then go back over it with a slightly damp sponge. If you use a liquid foundation, you can certainly mix the Colorescience product with your liquid foundation if you’d find this quicker and easier.

Be sure to check out Elise’s YouTube channel which specifically focuses on makeup tips, techniques, and product reviews for those of us 50+. Don’t forget to subscribe!

Add Some Sunscreen Protection with Blush and Lip Products

The next step is to add some color with Coloresience’s Sunforgettable Total Protection Color Balm with SPF50. This product comes in a lovely Blush color (which is a nude color with pink undertones), a bronze color (which is a shimmery golden color) and a berry color (which is a deep raspberry).

I’m going to use the Blush color as my face blush, the Bronze as my Bronzer and I’ll use the Berry color later on my lips along with a Coloreshine lip gloss. I have a cool undertone to my skin so the blush color works well on my cheeks.

If you have a warm undertone, you could just mix a bit of the Blush color with the bronzer for a lovely soft bronzey pink blush. And if you have a neutral undertone, you could experiment and see if you prefer just to use the blush color as your blush or if you prefer to combine the blush color with the bronze color.

I find it easiest to apply the color balm to the back of my wrist and then pick it up with a brush. This method ensures a lighter look rather than applying the product directly from the applicator. But you can certainly use your fingers to apply it, or it can be applied directly from the applicator and then blended out.

Contour with a Beautiful Bronze Glow

Next, I’m going to put some of the bronze balm on the back of my hand, pick it up with a brush and apply this color under my cheekbones for a slight contour and along the top of my forehead and under my jawline. Be aware that this product does provide some glow.

Of course, you could also mix the glow product with a bit of the bronze to get an all-over bronze glow. It’s really fun to apply these products separately or together to see what look you love best.

Emphasize the Eyes

I use the Color Balm bronze color in the crease area of my eyes and slightly above the crease since I have hooded eyes. You can certainly use your finger to apply it, but I’m going to put some on the back of my wrist and then apply it with a brush.

I’m going to use a brush because I want to be a little more precise where I apply it. Sometimes I like to put just a tiny bit of the Color Balm in “Blush” on my eyelids, but today I’m just going to stick with the eye primer on my lids since it does brighten the eye area.

Protect Your Lips with Color and Shine

And our final step is our lips. First, I’m going to use my L’Oreal Age Perfect Lip Liner in “Splendid Plum” and then apply the Colorescience Color Balm in “Berry” on my lips. Again, I’m going to put it on the back of my wrist and pick it up with this small brush.

Since I definitely want to apply some lip gloss, I’m going to use one of these three Lip Shine glosses with an SPF of 35 over the color balm on my lips. The Lip Shine glosses come in Rose, Pink, Champagne, Coral and Clear.

Powder with Purpose

The last product I’m using is the Colorescience Sunforgettable Total Protection Brush On Shield which is a mineral powder with an SPF of 50. It comes in 4 colors: Fair, Medium, Tan and Deep and I’m going to use the “Fair.” It can be worn alone or over makeup.

What’s especially nice is that it comes in a handy compact applicator with brush so it can easily fit into a purse. Before applying, just tap the applicator three times – with the powder end at the top – and then apply. I’m going to put it along my T-zone area. And by the way, this product also comes in a sheer matte untinted version that has a 30 SPF.

Have you been using sunscreens for a long time? Have you found some that work especially well with makeup? What are some of your favorites?

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