Embrace Your Curves! Why Covering Up Isn’t the Answer After 60


Plus-sized women often deal with a barrage of unsolicited advice. Opinions on what to wear, what not to wear, the right colors, the wrong colors, unacceptable styles and cuts, etc. Even when those suggestions come with the best intentions, they can be downright insulting.

Some ideas are good but others are not even true. For example, a common misconception is that you’ve got to cover up your curvy body. Maybe you’ve done this before. You hide behind a bulky sweater or a long jacket. You’re afraid that no one wants to see your extra pounds or chunky arms.

But it’s time for a reality check: You are beautiful. Hiding your body behind layers only covers up your beauty. Don’t be fooled.

Wearing clothing that is too large for your frame tells the world you have something to hide. But you don’t. Instead, you’ve got beautiful curves worth flaunting. And there are lots of ways you can create a flattering figure with your wardrobe.

Here are some ideas you can use – and some to avoid:

Slimming Ideas for Tops

Ask any woman over 40 what they want to hide most and they will probably mention their arms. Wearing a beautiful top with kimono sleeves offers comfort and confidence.

A blouse that exposes your shoulders, yet discreetly covers your arms, comes off stylish and stunning. Or, for something a little different, wear a top with long flutter sleeves or bell sleeves. This creates visual interest that draws the eye away from your upper arms.

Create a flattering look with sleeves that fall below the elbow. These draw the focus on the smallest part of your arm. As the weather gets cooler, go with long sleeved shirts whose sleeves can be neatly rolled away depending on the temperature.

Don’t Go Oversized or Baggy

Wrapping yourself in yards of fabric will only make you look bigger. It’s always better to have clothing that gently outlines your curves. Don’t go too clingy – choose clothing that is just enough to give a smooth look.

This is especially true if you are plus size and petite. It’s best to steer clear of any bulky or oversized clothing. These garments can make you seem even smaller, thus throwing off your style and doing you zero favors.


Bulky sweaters and puffy down jackets are a trap. Not only do they add pounds to your look, but they are rather unflattering.

Poorly designed outerwear can take a confident curvy woman and make her appear shapeless. Don’t fall for it. You can still stay warm in flattering sweaters or a knee-length coat designed to drape comfortably and show off your figure.

Uncover Your Beauty

Don’t underestimate the power of self-confidence. Instead of hiding who you are under layers, strut what you’ve got! Your positive spirit will be contagious to everyone you meet.

Experiment with different looks to find the style and accessories that make you feel most comfortable while still making a personal fashion statement. Remember, hiding your body is never the answer.

You’re a beautiful woman who deserves to be noticed. Blow people away with your flare for style and put those days of hiding your curves behind you. Uncover your personal beauty with well-designed plus size clothing that flatters your shape and shows off the confidence you’ve always had.

Do you tend to wear oversize clothes to hide your curves? What kind of fashion do you think flatters your shape and gives you confidence? Please share your thoughts below.

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