5 Inspirational Ways Fashion After 60 Exudes Elegance (It's Simpler Than You Think!)


Fashion for older women can be as elegant, breathtaking and unforgettable as you desire. There are simple, yet, effective ways to put yourself in the right mindset to make it utterly effortless to a point when it becomes second nature! We are sure you are going to love today’s video with Jess Jannenga from Elegantly Dressed and Stylish!


Margaret Manning is joined by fashion blogger Jess Jennenga in today’s fashion interview, to discuss different ways women over 60 can make sophisticated fashion choices such as how you can choose elegant dresses!

Women Over 60 with Stunning Fashion Sense

There is no shortage of stunning, graceful women to look to for inspiration if you are stuck for ideas. Hollywood has no shortage of inspirational, mature women that make fashion over 60 look effortless!

Jess finds Helen Mirren to be a great role model and feels her “style is always spot on when it comes to award shows,” and Margaret thinks of people such as Grace Kelly as being elegant.

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