Spring Skincare

In spring, our complexions can go from gloomy to glowing with help from natural skin care products.Transitional skin care can be tricky. We’re out of the worst ravages of winter, but we haven’t yet gr

8 Gorgeous Energy Exercises to Love Your Face at 60 Plus! (VIDEO)

Our face needs our love just as much as every other part of our body. This article and video offers 8 gentle energy exercises of love.

Age Spots and Sun Damage: Causes, Treatments, and How to Cover (It's Easy!)

For many of us, our age spots and sun damage are all signs of a well spent youth basking in the delight of sunshine with nothing to do.

How to Adjust Your Personal Fashion Style When Travelling or Moving to a New...

Moving to a new country can have a big impact on our personal fashion style. Adapting may be more or less of a challenge, depending on how different the new culture is...

3 Powerful Benefits Senior Women Can Reap from Setting Up the Right Morning Routine

Have you established a morning routine? Great job! Here are the benefits the right morning routine will give you!

6 Best Vitamins and Supplements for Women Over 60 (# 5 Will Surprise You!)

There are many supplements for women over 60, but not all are created equal. Here is a list of 6 that may have a powerful health effect.

4 Empowering Ways To Make Fashion Over 50 Stylish Every Time!

Looking chic and feeling fabulous is important to every woman at any age. Although tastes change over time, many of us have a unique, personal style that we proudly carry through the decades. What if you are feeling like you are in a style rut?

Why You Shouldn’t Do a Weight Loss Challenge or Quick Start Program

Short-term weight loss challenges and quick start programs sure sound tempting. But you know what? They just don't work, and here's why.
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