Fashion for Women Over 60: 5 Classic and Elegant Looks for Any Occasion


When you want to hide your tummy, do you wear patterns, colors or something else? Join us in this demonstration with fashion expert Melanie Payge, who has some great outfit ideas to share. Enjoy the show!

Margaret Manning:

Welcome to this special fashion edition of the Sixty and Me show. Today we’re in Milan with our friend Melanie Payge and our special guest, Adriana. We’re discussing body types and how we can use fashion to accentuate our positives and deal with the things that concern us as we age. Melanie’s got some great advice, and she will tell us what to do if we have a body type like Adriana’s.

Melanie Payge:

Adriana is a perfect model for this demonstration. She’s got nice legs, but her tummy is a little larger, which is a typical problem for many women over 60.

Looking at the clothes she’s wearing today, we see that she’s got on a nice little jacket. Underneath the jacket, the waistline of her dress seems to be a bit lower than it should be for her body type. The shoulder straps need to be adjusted so the dress would fit correctly.

But then, I’m afraid the top of the dress will be too tight. So, this dress works well on the bottom, but the top doesn’t have the correct fit, and it seems like tailoring won’t fix the problem. Let’s see what this shop can offer that would be a better fit for your figure.

So, Adriana has chosen a designer dress that looks quite nice on her as it fits her coming down. What do you think, Adriana?


I think it’s too short.


Yes, it shows your knees, and many women don’t feel comfortable showing their knees after 60. One thing you can do is check if there is enough material to take out the seam so the dress covers more of your knees.

Adriana noticed the length problem right away, and she really doesn’t want to have her knees showing. Knowing what you want in your clothes is very important.

Let’s try a couple more dresses to see how we can work them into Adriana’s body type.

This time we chose the dress together. Unlike the previous outfit, which was a bit too loose and less fitted to her shape, this one fits her perfectly at the top. Accessory belts like this one don’t keep the dress together, so don’t forget to adjust them in the right position.

We have a beautiful leopard print which fits any skin tone. It looks good on lighter skin tones, and as you can see, it looks good on Adriana, who is very tan at the moment.

The shape of the dress works really well on her because it accentuates her waist, and the open skirt helps with the thicker waistline, complimenting the look. The top is nicely fitted with a shirt dress, which is good for many occasions, and the V-neck brings down her neck a little bit and hints at her décolletage.

Do you like this dress, Adriana?


Yes, it looks lovely.


I agree. This is almost a perfect choice. We’ve taken a couple centimeters on the side for a better fit, and this is now a beautiful summer dress that’s comfortable and flexible. Ashe could wear it in the day and in the evening with black, white or brown shoes. It’s a very nice choice indeed.

Next, we have a black dress that is of good length for Adriana. It fits her shoulders, her arms are fine and the back looks great. Now let’s see how to make it a little more exciting.

For instance, let’s change her day shoe for an evening shoe. Then, we can add a jacket, and I’ve chosen this one because it isn’t too fitted around the waist. Obviously, we don’t want to accentuate this part of her body.

As she turns around, we can see the jacket comes right to her waist, which is where we want it to be. Her body type comes down below the jacket, and the jacket shows that she still has a pretty nice waist, even without enhancing it at all.

Now she’s ready for an evening event like a dinner or another occasion. This is a very nice choice, Adriana. How do you feel?


I feel good. Elegant, actually.


You do look elegant. Thank you for being our model. See you next time. Bye.

How do you usually hide a larger tummy? Have you thought that an elegant look is achievable for your body type? Please share your thoughts below.

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