Don’t Go Without Glow for the Holidays – Even in Self-Isolation!


Even if you’re going to be celebrating the holidays differently this year, getting dressed up should be on the agenda.

Of course, as a fashion blogger, I’m biased about how clothes make us feel one way or another. Then again, if you don’t believe me – google it!!! There have been many studies to show how our clothing impacts not only our own thinking but also how people respond to us.

Here is a fun activity to do to test out my theory. Go to your closet and try on your fanciest dress. Make sure to style it how you’d really wear it if you were going to meet your most favorite person.

Now stand back and admire your effort by looking in the mirror or better yet take a selfie. Don’t you feel more uplifted and positive? Don’t you just want to go out somewhere and strut your stuff?

In fact, if your holidays are with a limited number of family or friends, those people are even more important than strangers. Those loved ones deserve to see the best you there is. Even more important is that YOU deserve to feel fabulous.

While we can’t control some of the outside factors, the holidays are still a time to remember and celebrate. Let’s chase away the blues by doing something to make us feel marvelous.

Dressing Up

Let’s talk about what dressing up really means. Fashion and style have always been a subjective pursuit, so let’s explore how it may work for you.

And with these crazy times, I think we all should plan on taking some photos (even if they are only selfies) this holiday season to show we actually lived through it!

Make Up

Makeup may not be on your agenda during these times of masks and things. But let me remind you of the magical properties of lipstick. It has something to do with brightening our face and putting the emphasis on our smile.

So even if you aren’t ready to put on the makeup you normally wear, I hope you put on a bright lipstick along with your holiday look. Because you do have to remove your mask to indulge in the food and drink being served.

And if you hate the idea of lipstick rubbing off on your mask, then the all-day lipsticks are the way to go. I researched over 10 different products to find the best ones.

Outfit Ideas

Especially if you’ve been living in leggings or loungewear most of this year, it’s time to let the rest of your clothes get out and have fun.

If it’s hard to think about what to wear, let me suggest a few ideas.

I know that a red sweater and black pants are always a holiday favorite. The three of us on my blog have showcased ways to add a little spice to that basic look.

How to Style a Red Cardigan Outfit

Styling an Outfit with a Red Sweater for Mature Women

Styling a Red Top and Black Pants with Personality

Another idea would be to pull out any sparkle or sequins you have. Sure, it might seem silly to wear sequins during a time of isolation, but hasn’t the year been crazy? I say, all things are possible this year!!!

In fact, I would consider this time to be perfect to try out wearing items that you would normally have never thought about pairing together. Why? Because you have limited number of eyes on them, so if they aren’t a hit, then who is the wiser?

This is a great way to actually expand your closet and give it new life.

Insider tip: If it’s too hard to restyle your own items, ask a friend for help. You can video chat, and your friend can style you from your own closet. I know this sounds silly, but it was quite eye opening when the three of us styled each other.

Now when you put together an outfit, don’t forget the shoes and accessories. This puts intention into the exercise and really gives you a feeling of normalcy.

So, the question is, what are you going to wear?

Have you considered your Holiday outfit? What will it consist of? Will you need help styling it? Which of your friends will be best to help in the fashion department? Please do share!

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