3 Ways to Look (and Feel) Your Best While Staying at Home


Staying at home most days? Sick of staring at the same surroundings? If so, welcome to the club! Now more than ever, you need reasons to feel good at the beginning of each day.

And your sense of fashion is here to help! Instead of giving up on dressing your best, decide to upgrade your style and assert your good taste every day!

It doesn’t take much – these simple steps can give you that little boost of positivity, joy, and confidence you need at the beginning of a long day spent inside.

Dress to Impress

Don’t let the pandemic become an excuse to forget about fashion. Dress to impress – whether it’s your colleagues on Zoom calls, your partner at home, or just you and the pets!

Pajamas are great – for sleeping and lazy Saturday mornings. Don’t let them become your new uniform. Starting the day in an outfit you love and that makes you feel confident is a smart way to combat pandemic fatigue and all the negativity being thrown at you daily.

You can dress up as much or as little as you like – but put a little effort into it and have some fun. Add a colorful silk scarf to your outfit. Put on some simple but eye catching jewelry – whatever will make you feel amazing. Every time you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror, you’ll be glad to see a stylish lady smiling back.

Discover New Styles in Your Own Closet

When’s the last time you took a day to truly clean out your closet? If you’re finding yourself stuck at home with too much time on your hands, this is the perfect project for you!

Most people get stuck in a rut of wearing very similar items and outfits over and over again. But chances are you’ve got a treasure trove of different styles hiding in the dark reaches of your closet.

Now’s the perfect time to get in there and discover the new styles within. You may be surprised by the colors, cuts, and prints you find stowed away.

Incorporate some of those forgotten pieces into your everyday look – a dress that looks stunning on you, a colorful top that’s especially flattering, or a cozy cardigan that makes you feel fantastic. You may catch a few heads turning on your next Zoom call. And you deserve it!

What if you find some clothing that is definitely not your style? Support others by donating those items to a local charity or thrift shop. Just be sure to call ahead before you bring your donations. Ask what Covid precautions they’re taking so you can comply.

Treat Yourself

This pandemic has taken so much away from our lives. Break that cycle by treating yourself to little pleasures that help you stay positive in what has become a daily struggle.

Have you had your eye on a particular item – maybe a colorful cardigan or a handmade batik jacket – but just never convinced yourself to go ahead and get it? Now’s the time to treat yourself.

You don’t have to splurge here. But adding even just one beautiful new piece to your wardrobe is a simple way to brighten your day each time you wear it.

Boutique fashion designers will especially appreciate your support during these rough times. Shopping at a small online or local retailer brings the added bonus of knowing you’re helping their business stay afloat during what’s been a hard year for everyone.

Fight Fatigue with Fashion

Even if you’re stuck at home, there are lots of opportunities to look and feel your best. You deserve it! So start each morning in a beautiful outfit that flatters your figure. Treat yourself to some new fashion – even if it’s just by finding a new look hiding in your closet. Putting a little effort into looking your best each day is well worth it.

Have you lost your desire to look your best while in isolation? Do you think it’s important to keep yourself looking and feeling well and vibrant despite the challenges of our times? Please share what you do in your daily dressing routine!

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