The Perfect Mix of Masculine and Feminine? Should Women Borrow from Men’s Fashion After 50?


For so many of us, fashion after 50 is a struggle. What’s appropriate? What makes me feel good? How do I create a personal style that suits me yet doesn’t make me look like everyone else?

Our own Margaret Manning recently spoke with professional stylist Mel Kobayashi, whose blog focuses exclusively on fashion for the mature woman. Mel has a somewhat eccentric sense of style that, while she realizes isn’t for everyone, is all her own. Her first love, however, is helping women over 50 navigate the fashion world to cultivate their own personal style.

Don’t Overlook the Men’s Department

Mel is a big fan of the androgynous movement in fashion and offers advice on how to incorporate men’s style to add interest and energy to your wardrobe. She especially loves traditional men’s fashion like jackets, suits, ties, and pants which can add verve and charm to any woman’s look.

The men’s department at Nordstrom is a particular favorite. Just walk through and see what you can find! So much of men’s fashion today uses silky fabrics and bright colors, similar to what you’d find in the women’s department, making it easy to blend with the clothes you already have.

Masculine and Feminine Can Coexist Beautifully

It’s not an either/or proposition. In fact, one of the best ways to use men’s fashion is to combine it with feminine clothes! For example, Mel loves to wear a fedora, the classic men’s hat, and is especially fond of pinning a beautiful, sparkling brooch on it, giving it a distinctly feminine touch.

Look Like a Movie Star to Feel Like a Movie Star!

Think film noir, James Cagney, Edward G. Robinson. Think classic, traditional and swanky.

When you incorporate the right men’s clothes, you also incorporate drama. Whether you go all out or just use a touch here and there, it’s amazing how the right masculine touches can make you feel and look like a red carpet regular.

Still Not Sure?

You may be thinking that this just isn’t for you. Yet getting out of a fashion rut, trying new articles of clothing and new styles and incorporating what seem like disparate elements can give you a sense of confidence and excitement that you may not have felt in a long time.

You’ve nothing to lose, so, why not give it a try?

It’s Not What You Wear, it’s How You Feel!

A tie worn open around the neck, a black fedora festooned with sparkly jewelry or a silky ribbon and a men’s suit jacket worn over a frilly skirt are all styles that often have a way of inspiring self-assurance and a renewed sense of individuality.

It’s amazing how loosening your own fashion rules can make you feel!

Can I Really Take Fashion Risks After 50?

Yes! Take risks, but most importantly, wear what you love. Wear what makes you feel happy and confident. Try something that gives you a bit of a swagger or makes you feel like a movie star. There really aren’t any rules, so go ahead and break down a few boundaries.

Give it a Try!

Incorporating men’s style into your wardrobe, whether a little or a lot, might just be the thing that brings a renewed sense of fun and originality to your look. So the next time you’re shopping, don’t overlook the men’s department.  Instead, try blending some of those elements into your personal style and see what it does for you!

Do you borrow elements of men’s style? Which clothes in your wardrobe have a more masculine edge? Let’s have a chat!

Let\’s Have a Conversation!

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