How To Create Many Different Fashion After 60 Looks With One Signature Piece!


If you have ever taken a strong liking to a piece of clothing and wanted to wear it everywhere you possibly could, it was probably a pair of signature jeans! Jeans are the most versatile piece of clothing you will ever own, and when you find a pair that fit like a glove they make you feel sensational every second you’re in them. If you’re keen to find more ways to wear your favorite pair of blue jeans, you’ll love today’s video with Mel Kobayashi!

In today’s Sixty and Me video, Margaret Manning is joined by popular fashion blogger Mel Kobayashi to look at how she creates many different looks with one pair of her favorite jeans.

Why Are Jeans So Special?

The fantastic thing about blue jeans is they completely break usual fashion rules of what is classified as upscale or street-wear. They are so adaptable that the same pair can be worn out shopping all day and also used to go out to dinner in later that evening!

What gives them this adaptability is their knack for matching with just about anything you throw at them – almost like a blank canvas! The accessories, jackets, and shoes that you pair with your jeans are what will determine if they are casual or chic.

Some jeans, such as darker colors or plain white, are more adaptable than ripped, washed out materials but it really depends on the look you are trying to achieve.

Perfect Casual Cool For Fashion Over 60

When you find the perfect pair of jeans you absolutely know it – they are comfortable, accentuate all the right places, and, with little effort, make you feel like a million bucks. There will be a cut of jeans out there perfect for your figure, and once you find “The Pair” you’ll be ready to create countless looks with them!

Mel recommends starting with something simple like a t-shirt or cotton sweatshirt for a comfortable, relaxed look. Add some cute running shoes and fun accessories such as funky sunglasses to jazz your look up a bit! Or, for a street-smart look, Mel loves to wear a canvas messenger bag, army boots, and a denim jacket.

Create A Unique Upscaled Look

Those perfect jeans can also be used as the basis for a smart casual look, suitable for relaxed evenings out. With a few simple tweaks, you can take most types of jeans from daywear to nightwear – easy peasy!

Mel recommends wearing a white tuxedo shirt with a men’s tie for a more androgynous look and adding a satin jacket with a funky handbag or cute clutch and chunky men’s watch to complete the look.

“Simple things can really pop, depending on your attitude,” says Mel. For example, chic shoes such as high heels can really dress up your jeans and Margaret loves the look of white jeans with a black, off-the-shoulder top.

The Bottom Line

Jeans can be used to create so many different types of styles that your wardrobe would feel empty without them! As Margaret says, “Jeans communicate comfort, as well as someone that is comfortable in their skin.”

If you’re looking for ways to feel more confident and relaxed while experimenting with new looks, ideas and new ways to use accessories, your favorite jeans might just be the place to begin!

How do you take your favorite jeans from relaxed to chic? What style of jeans do you think provide the most versatility in your wardrobe? What key pieces do you use to transform your jeans? Join in the conversation!

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