Having Fun with Style After 60: 6 Ways to Love How You Look


Have you fallen into a style rut, of late? Do you no longer feel confident about how you look or how you present yourself to the world?

Let’s change that right now. Here are six tips for embracing your gorgeous after-60 styles – updating as needed – and, most importantly, reclaiming your confidence as a visible, vibrant woman after 60.

Style After 60 Isn’t Just About Clothes: Consider Changing Your Hair

It’s said that a woman who changes her hair is about to change her life. After 60, it’s easy to fall into a rut. However, there is an easy way to break out of that rut and renew your sense of confidence.

Get a great new haircut. What do you have to lose? It’s just hair. It grows back. (Perhaps a little slower than it used to, but it will grow back.)

Smile and Feel Great About It

Having a positive attitude is a great way to renew one’s sense of joy. When you smile, what do you show the world?

Take great care of your teeth. Whiten them. There are many options on the market to whiten teeth from budget to blow the bank. What’s in your budget?

More importantly, studies have shown that just the act of smiling, even if you’re faking it, helps lift one’s mood. Even better? Smile and show those pearly whites. (Check out my tips for getting – and staying – happy. Hint: It takes work!)

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