4 Ways to Add Purple to Your Wardrobe


Want to add a fun touch of color to your wardrobe? Purple – in all its hues and tones – is a beautiful color to incorporate into your outfits. But it may seem like a bold choice if you tend to stick to softer colors and neutrals.

You don’t have to dive straight into a head-to-toe purple ensemble. Instead, use these four ideas to add a subtle touch of purple into your outfits – both casual and dressy. From there, you’ll be able to build your own unique and inspiring ensembles featuring this distinctive color.

Purple is a beautiful choice for your plus size wardrobe as well. We’ll be featuring a few specific looks that incorporate the color into plus size attire that’s fashionable, comfortable, and flattering.

Deep Purple Top or Coverup

If you’re used to wearing mostly black in your outfits, here’s an easy way to work purple into the mix. Go with a solid purple top or coverup in a deep (not dark) shade.

Worried the deep purple will clash with flat black? Don’t! The plum hue won’t overpower your outfit or make you look too bold or bright. But it will bring a creative touch to an otherwise understated and simplistic outfit.

A plus size kimono cardigan in deep purple is a stylish choice. It goes well with a basic top and black pants or even over a black dress. The slight but impressive pop of color is just right for adding purple into your looks without it becoming an overpowering centerpiece.

A person wearing a purple shirtDescription automatically generatedA person wearing a purple shirtDescription automatically generated

Depending on how you accessorize, this could be perfect for a day at the office, a casual outing, or even a more formal occasion. The darker colors lend themselves to a dressy look – but the fun pop of color means casual is an option too.

Lavender Top with Light Neutral Skirt

From deep and dark we shift to light and pastel. A lavender top is a beautiful accent to a simple skirt in a light neutral color – white, cream, or light khaki. It’s a perfect combination for summer with a lightweight, softer feel and a bright (but not intense) palette.

A person wearing a colorful dressDescription automatically generatedA person wearing a colorful dressDescription automatically generated

Want to incorporate just a touch of lavender? Go with a colorful plus size cardigan that brings the purple together with other complimentary colors. Its smooth, pastel colors will play off neutrals and give you a summery, chic look.

Purple with Matching Jewel Tones

Complement your purple outfits with matching jewel tones for a beautiful look that’s colorful and bright. You can choose to go bright – with orange, pink, and teal jewel tones. Or opt for darker jewel tones for a stunning color combination that makes for noticeable formal attire.

A person wearing a blue dressDescription automatically generatedA person wearing a blue dressDescription automatically generated

A plus size caftan wrap in purple and accenting jewel tones makes a fashionable choice. Blues, turquoises, and pinks all meld perfectly with purple for a combination that grabs your attention without being overly intense.

Plum Accessories with Neutrals

Here’s an easy way to add a pop of purple to your outfit without making it the focus. Matching plum-colored shoes and accessories – including chunky jewelry and a cute handbag – offer a colorful accent to an otherwise simple outfit.

A deep plum color works well with black or lighter neutrals – its flexibility makes this a great shade of purple to add into your collection. Even if you’re trying to keep things simple with a capsule wardrobe, there’s room for a little splash of purple in an easy to match shade like plum.

Get Creative with Your Color Choices

Purple doesn’t have to be bold and outrageous in your outfits. You can use this fun color in simpler ways too. It all depends on your personality and how you like to wear it. From casual to dressy, from understated to outstanding, purple is a color that deserves a place in your collection.

Do you like purple in your wardrobe? How do you wear it? What other colors take you away from the neutral tones? Please share your favorite purple styles and choices!

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