Fashion Over 60: Classic Styles You Need to Look Effortlessly Fabulous for Any Occasion


Dressing up in your 60s isn’t always easy, and there may be some things that are holding you back. Be it comfort, style, the season, your shoes, or your accessories, these factors can greatly affect how you style yourself every day.

Body issues are another typical problem that a woman in her 60s or beyond might find herself dealing with. Of course, it’s good to embrace the changes as we age, but it wouldn’t be unheard of if you want to subtly address certain areas affected by aging.

With a few well-chosen pieces and a little bit of creativity, you can dress fabulously and feel great at the same time. Especially if you’re searching for classic and elegant looks that you can wear no matter the occasion, look no further. Here are some fashion staples that you can consider investing in on your next shopping trip.

Straight-Cut Printed Dress

A straight-cut and colorful printed dress is nice to have in your closet. Choose a soft and comfortable material, so you can wear the dress in hot and cold weather.

Chico\'s straight-cut printed dressChico\'s straight-cut printed dress

Make sure that it’s not too tight and not too loose, especially in your tummy area. The pop of color serves as the highlight, but it’s a let-down if the dress is not well-constructed and the tummy area becomes the focus instead.

printed dress outfitprinted dress outfit

Leopard Print Swing Dress

leopard print dressleopard print dress

The leopard print never goes out of style. It’s a classic like the little black dress and should also be a staple in your closet. It goes well with all skin tones and can be a casual or formal piece depending on how you style it.

What could be better than a leopard print dress? It’s the leopard print swing dress! This 1950s classic is the perfect cut and shape to accentuate your shoulders and figure but hide certain areas such as the waist.

Bloomingdale\'s leopard print dressBloomingdale\'s leopard print dress

Bonus tip: Wear this dress with a belt to highlight your figure and keep the entire ensemble together.

Another style that looks good on most figures is the wrap dress.

nordstrom wrap dress animal printnordstrom wrap dress animal print

Choose an animal print wrap dress that you can wear casual during the day and dress up in the evening.

wrap dress animal print outfitwrap dress animal print outfit

Little Black Midi Dress

black midi dressblack midi dress

You can never go wrong with a little black dress. It can be worn on any occasion, whether formal or informal, depending on how you style it. But if you want to hide areas such as the knees, choose a midi dress.

See if you’re comfortable about the length and choose the right kind of shoes for an even more flattering look. Pointed shoes can help streamline your lower body. But rules can be broken, and you can wear shoes you’re comfortable with as long as they help elongate your silhouette.

black midi dress outfitblack midi dress outfit

It’s worth investing in a good quality little black dress with a timeless shape. You will have it for many years to come.

Chico\'s black midi dressChico\'s black midi dress

Classic Blazer

classic blazerclassic blazer

A well-constructed blazer is another nice piece of investment because it is versatile and can upgrade your everyday look. It can transform a playful dress into a more formal one. With the right fit, it can accentuate your figure and even hide areas that you’re not comfortable showing.

nordstrom classic blazernordstrom classic blazer

Go for classic prints or neutral and basic colors, so you can use your blazer over any colorful printed dress.

blazer outfitblazer outfit

What’s your take on everyday classic and elegant looks? What clothes can you wear almost every day that make you feel good and confident? Share your thoughts below!

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