Do’s and Don’ts of Shopping with Friends


Many articles will tout that you should never go shopping with friends. I’ve heard the reasoning being either you end up buying things that aren’t “you” or it takes too much time. Yet friend time is very important to all of us, so I came up with the Do’s and Don’ts for shopping with friends.

After reading this article, if shopping with your friend still isn’t something you want to do, think about having your friend style you from your very own closet. The three of us on my blog did this, and it was very eye opening because all of us tend to get into habits of how to wear what we have.

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If Your Friend Asks You to Go Shopping

Do: Say yes! Even if you believe the articles that concentrate on the disadvantages, it can be a social activity. Heck, you don’t have to buy anything. Just go for the fun of it.

Don’t: Go if:

  • You don’t have the time. It’s not a day to rush in and rush out of the stores.
  • These are not friends whose opinions you trust and whom you like being around.

Hang with Your Friends

Do: Make sure you spend most of the time at the store with your friend. While you don’t have to tag after them the entire time, it’s good to check in every so often and see how it’s going.

Don’t: Pull a disappearing act and go off on your own for hours.

What If They Suggest an Item?

Do: Be open to their ideas if your friend suggests a clothing item for you.

Don’t: Say, “I would never wear that” if you don’t like the item. Instead, ask why they thought of you when they saw it. It’s very possible your friend sees you in a different light, and you could benefit from her perspective.

Should You Ask Your Friend’s Opinion?

Do: Ask your friend’s opinion if you are looking to try something new or aren’t sure about an item. This is especially helpful when you like something but aren’t sure how to wear it. Ask your friend or the sales associate about what you should wear it with and how to make it work in your closet.

Don’t: Ever ask your friend “should I buy this or that” and then do the opposite. That’s rude. However, do ask why they chose the one item over the other. It may be a surprise to you.

Are You a People Pleaser?

Do: If your friend asks your opinion, be honest. Honesty does not mean negativity or brutal details. If it doesn’t look good on your friend, just say you’ve seen her look better in other pieces.

Don’t: Judge your friend’s clothing item based on your style. Even if it’s something you wouldn’t wear, think about how the item really looks on her. The best thing you can do is give reasons why it may not be the best for her.


Do: Consider that social time is extremely important for our mental and physical health. So even if you don’t love shopping normally, think about how you are making memories and having fun.

Extra credit: If you go out to lunch or happy hour afterwards.

Don’t: Be upset if you don’t find the exact item you’d been looking for. The time together with your friend is worth more than the “right” clothes.

How to Think Outside the Box

Do: Learn the return policy of the store. Especially if the brick and mortar store has their fitting rooms closed.

Insider tip: If you wear leggings, a slim tank top, and long cardigan or kimono, you can usually try things on over the tank or leggings without having to go in a room.

Don’t: Be limited to looking in only the departments (or sizes) you normally go to. You wouldn’t believe some of the great finds in menswear or the kids department.

Insider tip: Men’s bigger t-shirts can be great for sleepwear or tunics. Kids purses can add a whimsical flair to any outfit.

Online Shopping

Do: Enjoy online shopping with friends. You just have to be a bit more creative with these ideas.

Insider tip: As an avid shopper, I have a checklist of how to make online shopping more successful for you when you sign up for my emails.

  • Go over to the friend’s house who has the fastest internet and find items for each other. If you both order from the same company, you can even save on shipping costs.
  • When the packages arrive, get back together and try them on. This enables you to find pieces in your closet to go with them right away. Even if you are at your friend’s place, you can find items in her closet that can give you ideas from your wardrobe.
  • Order an online clothing box together. I’ve researched 3 different companies that provide this service. Make sure you try everything on together.

Do you go shopping with your friends? Is the experience positive or negative? What tips do you have for shopping with friends? Have you tried online shopping with friends? Please share your experiences with the community!

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