Bronzers and Contouring – Makeup Tips for Women Over 60 (Video)


Summer is here and my good friend Ariane is ready to offer some tips for getting the most from bronzers and contouring this season.

If you want to embrace positive aging, while using your makeup to feel great this summer, this video is for you!

Are You Using Blusher the Right Way?

In the video, Ariane starts by explaining the difference between bronzer and blusher. She says that many women use bronzers because they think that they will liven up their faces. This is really more the role of blushers. Bronzers, on the other hand, are intended to add a little hint of color.

Next, Ariane walks through the correct process for applying bronzer. She recommends that we use a fairly large brush. This will help us to avoid looking “streaky.”

Pro Bronzer Brush from SephoraPro Bronzer Brush from Sephora
Pro Bronzer Brush from Sephora

Ariane also reminds us that, just like with other makeup products, bronzers come in different shades. So, make sure that you take the time to find the perfect one for your skin tone.

The rest of the demonstration is easier to describe in pictures than words, so, I encourage you to watch the video to see the complete process.

What surprised me most about Ariane’s technique is that she applied bronzer to her entire face. As I mentioned to her, I had always thought of bronzer as something that should be applied just on the cheeks. Ariane says that this is more the role of contouring.

Bobbi Brown Bronzer at SephoraBobbi Brown Bronzer at Sephora
Bobbi Brown Bronzer at Sephora

When It Comes to Bronzer, Are You Missing This Important Spot?

Later in the video, Ariane points out that many women forget to apply their bronzer on their neck, just below their chin. Because this area typically gets less sun than the rest of our face, this can be a mistake. You’ll see what I mean in the video.

Do You Know the Difference Between Contouring and Bronzing?

In the second half of the video, Ariane and I switch to a conversation about contouring. First, Ariane shows the difference between the two kinds of products. She goes on to explain that, unlike bronzer, contouring is applied to smaller sections of your face – especially your cheeks. Then, she demonstrates how to apply this product to your cheekbones.

Are You Confused About Contouring?

In this video, Ariane starts by explaining that contouring is not the same for every face. That said, regardless of how you apply it to your face, it should be subtle!

Ariane starts her demonstration by putting a little foundation on in order to produce an even surface. Then, she starts contouring.

She used her own blush/contour product. It comes with two colors – light and dark – with no reddish or bronze color tint.

Ariane Poole blush-contour duoAriane Poole blush-contour duo
Ariane Poole blush-contour duo

Next, she swirled the colors together and applied them with a small blusher brush. She did this in a straight line at an angle. It’s difficult to describe here in words, so, I definitely encourage you to watch the video for a full demonstration.

With this done, she applied a highlighter on the top.

Finally, she added a soft color blush on the apple of the cheeks.

If you are going for an evening look, Ariane says that you can afford to be a bit more dramatic with your look. So, go ahead, watch the demonstration and have some fun with contouring! I know I will!

I had a great time talking with Ariane. I hope that the makeup tips for older women in these videos help you to get the look that you want this summer!

What did you think about Ariane Poole’s tips for bronzers and contouring? Are there any additional topics that you would like us to cover with regards to makeup for older women? Please join the conversation.

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