3 Fashion Over 50 Challenges We All Face (Plus 2 We Only Imagine)


Contrary to popular myths, mature women today DO care about what they look like, style, fashion, and makeup. We care about our appearance every bit as much as younger women do, perhaps even more so!

Today, Margaret and fashion blogger/author Andrea Pflaumer talk about the misconceptions some people, including older women, have regarding what they can do with fashion, can’t do, and perhaps should never do.

The Times They Are a Changin’

Very little in life stays the same. People get married, divorced, have children, become grandparents, and grow older. As we age, it sometimes feels as if everything about ourselves changes as well.

Our hair gets thinner and lighter colored, our waistlines perhaps get a bit thicker, and even our feet change sizes! What we think about our changing bodies can affect what we ultimately decide to wear and what we wear will affect how we feel.

Challenges and Myths

“There are some real challenges. One is gravity” quips Andrea, and while we can’t avoid the forces of nature, we don’t have to disengage from the world simply because we don’t look like we used to.

We all face similar challenges as human beings. Andrea notes in her book, Shopping for the Real You, that even the Dalai Lama wondered what he would look like wearing the robes of his new office!

Some of the common myths that challenge mature women today include:

Myth #1- Mature women don’t get noticed. This is absolutely not true. If we choose to be “invisible”, wearing shapeless clothing, no makeup, etc., that can happen, but mature women who make themselves known by presenting themselves in public, are making a statement to all the younger women who are watching. We are noticed, which is why we should put forth our best face.

Myth #2- Older women don’t care about fashion, they want comfort. This isn’t true either. Mature women often say they don’t care anymore what people think, they just want their clothes and shoes to be comfortable. News flash! Comfort doesn’t mean ugly or out of style!

Myth #3- “I’m too old for XXX.” Age is just a number. While many in the U.S. might put an emphasis on youth, the fact is that most European men don’t care about a woman’s age. They are truly interested in a woman’s personality and mindset.

Things Aren’t Always What They Seem

Sometimes, mature women have ideas in their minds about what they can or can’t wear because of their age.

Perhaps the biggest challenge is many mature women believe is that older women don’t matter in society and don’t have a role other than nurturing grandmother. One look at mature women in power will tell you that this is only a challenge in your mind.

Another imaginary challenge is the belief that we need to be perfect. Everyone finds flaws in themselves and older women are no different. This doesn’t mean, however, that we should hide away simply because of some physical flaw. No one else is perfect, so don’t expect it in yourself!

Life is a Gift

No matter what challenges we may face, if we get up in the morning and wear something that makes us feel great, no matter what we are dealing with, we will feel better about it because we know that we are alive, and we are looking pretty darn good!

 What do you want your style to say about you at this stage? Are there certain things you think mature women should never wear? What fashion challenges do you face as a mature woman? Join in the conversation!

Let\’s Have a Conversation!

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