Be Yourself! Fashion After 50 is About Authenticity and Uniqueness


After 50, it’s easy to see how mature women can become “invisible” to a society that is focused on (and some say obsessed with) youth. When a woman reaches mid-life, she shouldn’t feel invisible unless she chooses to. Mature women should feel beautiful and truly authentic.

You might wonder what “authentic” means when it comes to fashion and how it differs from being unique. Margaret Manning speaks to fashion blogger Patti Gibbons regarding this question. Their conversation is simply fascinating. Enjoy the show!

Authenticity and Uniqueness in Fashion

“Uniqueness certainly happens,” Patti muses, “Although it’s not, obviously, because it’s called unique, it’s not our normal lives. We don’t need to have a unique car, or marriage, or dress to be happy.” This would mean chances are that very few items in a woman’s fashion wardrobe are probably unique.

Authenticity is more about feelings. When a woman puts on a certain outfit, along with chosen accessories and/or jewelry, she can look in the mirror and feel like herself.

If you have ever put on a piece of clothing and said “Oh, this isn’t me”, then you understand what authenticity means when speaking of fashion.

Fashion Should “Speak” to You

Patti and Margaret both talk about a piece of jewelry they are wearing and their reasons for purchasing them. Both women said the item “spoke” to them. Not literally, of course, but any fashion item that stands out from the rest and gives you the feeling that it screams “YOU!” would be an authentic piece.

You might have experienced this yourself. If you have ever purchased something for a friend or relative and gave it to them saying “This is so YOU” then you understand how, especially by the time we reach our 50s, we have developed a style that is recognizable by others.

Authentic Pieces Carry Feelings

Certain items in our wardrobe, whether they are clothing or jewelry or an accessory, carry feelings and memories with them. You know an item is an authentic one for you if you would truly miss the item if it were destroyed, even if it wasn’t unique.

An item need not be irreplaceable, one-of-a-kind to be authentic. That being said, especially as a mature woman, we don’t need to wear the same style or color day after day. We can feel authentic whether we are wearing jeans and a t-shirt or a formal evening gown.

Uniqueness is No Longer a Requirement

One of the most liberating things that come with being a mature woman is that we no longer feel the need to be unique in all settings. Mature women are confident in who we are and the style(s) we use. The mature woman is happy knowing that her style might not be unique, but it is certainly authentic!

“Age gives you confidence, it gives you freedom” says Patti. We couldn’t agree more!

Be Your Best Authentic Self!

It doesn’t matter what style you prefer or if your wardrobe contains any unique pieces. For mature women, the point to remember is that dressing in authentic style, will make you feel like your best, most authentic self, which is, after all, something unique.

What is your authentic fashion style? What unique pieces do you have in your closet? What style or colors speak to your sense of fashion? Share your thoughts with the community!

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