What Should You Do with Business Clothing After Retirement?


After decades of hard work, you’re approaching retirement – or maybe you’re already there, congrats! It’s going to be great – you’re already daydreaming about all you’ll do. But what about all your business attire? Will your clothes retire too?

Your smart work clothes weren’t something you wore haphazardly. You chose what would give you a professional edge. You wore them with pride, you used them to get ahead, and they became part of your image.

They highlighted your best side and made you stand out. They helped you get you that promotion, make that closing and consistently succeed.

For plus size women, it can be even harder to think of parting with those clothes. You’ve been through hard times – back when there was no such thing as professional attire for plus size women.

You had to struggle to even find something nice to wear to work. Now the idea of parting with those outfits might seem unbearable.

What should you do with some of your favorite work outfits that now hang in your closet? You hate to give them up. But the truth is, you won’t be slaving at the office anymore. The meetings and professional outings will be over, replaced with new and exciting adventures.

True as that may be, it doesn’t feel right throwing those outfits that have defined your career. They still have some great years ahead of them, potentially. What are your options? Do you really need to get rid of everything?

Don’t just push them to the back of your closet! It’s time to decide!

What’s Worth Keeping?

Your decision will depend on how you feel and what you do now. If you still have the occasional business meeting or attend professional events, you should hold on to at least a few. But no need to crowd your closet with clothes you won’t be wearing anymore.

For starters, lay out all the business clothes you have accumulated. Which ones do you favor? With a few changes, could they still be part of your everyday wardrobe?

Suit jackets and high heels may have seen their day. Look for those items that are versatile enough to fit into a classy yet casual look. For example, a stylish kimono jacket that still makes you look amazing is a keeper. Chances are, you can turn a workday style into a casual and comfortable ensemble.

What About the Rest?

What’s left remaining in your wardrobe? The shirts, skirts, tops and bottoms you don’t want to hold onto anymore can still offer plenty of value.

If you are hoping to get back some of the money you invested, you have options. Sites like Ebay and Tradesy are great resources to sell your professional plus size clothing that’s still in great condition.

More valuable items can find a place at consignment shops in your city. If you just want to clean out your closet quick and don’t want the hassle of going through selling individual pieces, donate them to a good cause at a local charity thrift store.

You can also check out job placement organizations in your community. Many programs help people find reliable jobs or get their foot in the door for an interview.

A killer outfit could just be what they need to get a job – especially for plus size women who have so few options when shopping for new professional attire.

Pass Your Style On

The truth is, you may not need those office essential outfits anymore. Those super comfortable shoes that got you through some long days can now be replaced by sandals on the beach.

Instead of endlessly storing or tossing out your professional clothes, pass that style on. Sell, donate or share your clothing. Your closet still has much to offer.

After years of hard work, it’s time to enjoy casual plus size clothing in your new retired lifestyle. Enjoy it! You’ll have all the memories of those working years – even if your wardrobe is updated to a more relaxed way of life.

What Should You Do with Business Clothing After RetirementWhat Should You Do with Business Clothing After Retirement
What Should You Do with Business Clothing After RetirementWhat Should You Do with Business Clothing After Retirement

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What do you consider doing with the work clothes you no longer need? Have you thought of options that can return some of the money you’ve invested in clothing or do you prefer to donate and save yourself some time? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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