Fashion After 50: What’s Old Is New Again


Each year I do a closet redo: I throw out clothing, shoes and handbags I have not worn in one year, even if they have a price tag. There are, of course, some exceptions – items I treasure.

Over the years, all my treasured items have come back into fashion. Why? I’m a big proponent of never getting hooked on fads. I don’t jump on new seasonal trends. I’m a careful purchaser and make sure if it’s ‘trendy’ it has a great chance of coming back around.

Therefore, I am not an impulsive shopper; everything is far too costly. I have to fall in love with the color and fabric and know the style suits me before I make a purchase.

How do I know what to keep year after year? Instinct. I have an eye. For example, I still have my mother’s wide black leather belt which is over 50 years old. I wore it last weekend.

I purchased a Gucci flowered handbag 15 or more years ago, and this season I bought a Gucci flowered belt that looks almost identical.


Right now there are items in your closet that recently reappeared on fashion runways. This means your old pieces are back in style! So, before heading to your favorite shops, take some time to go shopping in your closet. Here’s what to look for:

Wide Belts

Wide belts were popular in the ‘40s, ‘50s, and ‘80s, and in some circles, they never really left the scene. I love belts and made it a point to keep some in a wider style. So break out those wide belts and use them as an accent piece!


Good thing you didn’t throw away those beautiful leather cowboy boots or western style belts. But it’s not just Western-style boots and belts that are popular for this season. Fringe and suede are also very on-trend, and you may have those pieces from eras past as well.



This luxe fabric has been all over the runways this season, and it’s not velvet’s first go around! You may have great pieces from past seasons, like jackets, dresses and slacks that you couldn’t bear to part with and will fit right in today. I can’t think of anything more perfect for a holiday gathering than a beautiful velvet dress or pantsuit.

Folk Style

Read ‘folk style’ as ‘bold embroidery,’ and I’m sure you have something that you saved in that style. If you still keep a beautiful bag from the ‘60s or ‘70s that you just couldn’t part with, take it for another spin!

Often times in the fall and winter we gear towards darker hues for our wardrobe, and one of these fun pieces would be a great way to break up all that black you are apt to wear.

Capes and Blankets

Capes and blankets are a cozy and unexpected choice since most people bundle up in sweaters! I have become obsessed with capes and blankets this season. But ponchos and big scarves aren’t new, and I have saved several over the years.


Lame and Metallics

Shine on dears! If you have blouses in gold and silver tones you are in luck because they are back! And just in time for the holidays! I have a gold lame top that is 25 years old and I still often wear it.

Remember, what’s old becomes new again and again and again. As women over 60, let this be a lesson: if you really love something that seems to be out of style, hang on to it! You never know when it might come back in style.

Or better yet: Do what I do. Just keep wearing it. Make it part of your look and have confidence in your taste. Be vital. Be visible. Be you. Remember, you bought it because you loved it.

What do you have in your closet that you loved so much you could not part with it, hoping or knowing it would come back in style? Have you given any of your favorite pieces to your children or grandchildren to enjoy or to a favorite charity for a stranger to love? What are your thoughts about fashion after 60? Please share your treasures with the community.

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