Are You Too Old to Wear a Backpack? Helen Mirren Says Heck No!


Dame Helen Mirren, 73, is known for many wonderful things – for being a revered, award-winning film, television, and theater actress; for being appointed a Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire; and for being an incredibly poised, elegant, and stunning individual in pretty much every situation.

She is also often known for looking far younger than her years, maintaining a youthful spirit, and consistently exhibiting a flawless sense of style.

Which is why the storm of social media criticism that she recently received following a photo of her sporting a common fashion accessory was so surprising!

Sporty Style and a Smile

Earlier this week, Mirren stepped out in Vilnius, Lithuania, where she is currently working, sporting a $275 Tumi backpack.

The Dame posted a picture of herself looking effortlessly stylish in a cream-colored sweater, oversized black sunglasses, and a black Tumi backpack on Instagram with the caption: ‘Off to the market with my new favourite bag, my backpack by Tumi.’


Several of her more than 500k followers were apparently not fans of her casual style and responded to her post with less-than positive comments, saying, “No, no, no, Helen! You are so beautiful gorgeous perfection… Why messing with that [sic]. It’s a no-no after 19” and “Back to school I see.”

And the disapproving fans weren’t just commenting on the youthful essence of the backpack either – some chose to attack the hefty price tag of the bag, commenting, “£300 backpack? Really?! I’ll stick to my £10 Asda one ta.”

Thankfully, Mirren has plenty of supportive fans who believe that she can truly do no wrong when it comes to her fashion choices and clapped right back at all the naysayers, showing their support with comments like, “Who says it’s a no-no! Why not defy these silly rules and make it a yes-yes!”

While Mirren hasn’t yet responded to the criticism of her sporty bag, we are pretty sure that she won’t let a few ageist comments stand in the way of her continuing to enjoy the useful durability offered by her beautiful Tumi backpack.

And for what it’s worth, we think that you look great, Helen!

How do you feel about Helen Mirren’s black backpack? Do you think one can be too old to wear a backpack? Do you feel there are certain styles that are simply too youthful for women or men of a certain age? Share your thoughts and join the conversation below!

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