5 Ways to Refresh Your Fall Wardrobe and Get More from Fashion Over 60


Fall is here and it holds new promise. I know that personally I look forward to the last quarter of the year to finish those old New Years Resolutions that may not yet have been checked off. The pending holidays always give me a sense of urgency. What do I need to finish before I begin new projects?

My calendar at this time of year is chocked full with women feeling that it is time to knuckle down, get things off of their to-do list and add a line item entitled ‘time-for-me’ before they get wrapped up in all of the other end-of-year to do’s for everyone else!

The most often asked questions is, “Are there any simple steps to refreshing my image?

Here are five easy action steps that can get you refreshed in no time!

Perform a Closet Edit

Audit, purge, cleanse! Whatever you want to term it as. You simply have to turn on the light, pry open the door and take all of the stuff out one category at a time. If you are not hiring a professional, just use your gut, your intuition, and your common sense.

If the clothing is outdated, out of style, the wrong size, or even the wrong character for your new role, get it the heck out of there! Perhaps, the only thing you ever reach for are your black pants and they are often at the dry cleaner. In that case, you may need to shop for a few things!

Buy 6 Things

Decide what items you need to purchase to get the wagon rolling to Wonderland. This could be as basic as a great fitting black skirt or black pant (so there isn’t drama when they are at the dry cleaners). You could add a new pair of pumps, a crisp new white blouse, a tweedy well tailored jacket or sweater jacket, a rockin’ statement necklace or a new handbag. Boom – you are dressed for success. Untie the wagon.

Change Your Hairdo

Is hairdo still even a term? Take a good look in the mirror then take a look at perhaps your college graduation or wedding picture. If the hair is the same, it is time for a change!

Go to a new hairdresser for a consult. See what someone else, who doesn’t know you from Adam, would do to make you look stunning. Fresh eyes equal fresh ideas.

Change Up Your Skincare and Makeup Regime

OMG! Stop using soap, start using an eye cream and dump all of your makeup out on the counter and be honest with yourself! You probably have stuff that is outdated, the wrong color, or makes your skin look like a pancake. The eye shadows were probably a better color match before your hair tone changed. Are there any silver foxes out there? Newsflash!

If you didn’t change both your clothing colors and your makeup colors when your skin and hair pigment faded, you may be wearing the wrong colors!

Get a Professional Headshot

Many of us 60-somethings are still gainfully employed and loving it. However, there’s nothing worse than looking at a LinkedIn profile and seeing someone else’s shoulder abutment because you couldn’t quite crop them out. Seriously?

Get with the program. You should be well dressed (at least from the waist up), well groomed (styled hair) and well-polished (current makeup). Your teeth should be relatively white (can you spell Crest White Strips).

Are you getting the drift here? A professional headshot is a must, whether you are a professional or a wanna-be. And BTW, you will not be paying wedding portfolio prices here. It is just a headshot!

So there you go – five to be fab!

Need more nudging? My savvy style guide – Confidence Is Always In Style is now available on Amazon! If you haven’t picked up your copy, check it out here and note that Chapter 3, What’s in Your Closet, will guide you through performing your own closet edit with epic results!

Are you ready for an image refresh? Which of these 5 tips do you plan to follow? What do you think are the keys to fashion over 60? Do you have a good sense of your own fashion style or do you need a little inspiration? Please leave your comments below and join the conversation.

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