5 Easy Ways to Dump the Frump at 60 and Beyond!


“How can I stop looking frumpy?” A ubiquitous question from my clients and prospects.

As a Confidence Creator for Midlife women, my mission is to let them know just how genuinely magnetic they are! I will say that frump has no place in our closets at really any age, but especially in midlife. It is something that can silently creep into our lives, many times without warning.

Let’s get rid of anything dowdy and have you looking and feeling fabulous!

Your Hairstyle and Color

How long have you worn your current hairstyle and color (if you color your hair)? If you cannot remember, or it’s been several years, it is time for a change. Staying with the same cut you’ve had for decades can make you appear older and add unwanted frump to your overall look.

Here’s a rule that I suggest to my clients; If someone has not complimented you on your cut or color lately, it’s time to change it up!

Having the right cut for the shape of your face is important. Please rely on your stylist for their expertise; it’s their job to suggest what styles would give you a whole new look and accentuate your features.

The same goes for color. If your stylist handles your color, bring up options at your next appointment, or collaborate with your colorist.

Remember, our coloring changes in midlife, and we don’t want to look washed out, or worse, invisible!

Make sure the cut you choose is one that you can keep up between appointments. Have your stylist teach you how to style your hair and suggest the right tools and products.

Speaking of Style

Wash and wear may not be your best option. While you want a cut that promotes your fantastic face, you also want to take the time to dry and style your hair. I don’t know too many people whose hair dries perfectly. And when your hair isn’t flattering, it adds frump to your look. Again, you can control this by understanding how to style your hair and keep that fresh and sassy hairdo between hair appointments.

Stop Wearing Baggy Clothes

When we don clothes that are too big, guess what happens? It makes us look larger than we are, and it adds to looking dowdy or frumpy.

As a beautiful woman, show off your natural silhouette and feature your best body assets! I teach how to identify your body shape (and type), and my clients are amazed by the difference when they actually wear cuts of clothing that align with their silhouette.

Make it a priority to stop hiding in oversized clothing. Play the part of the magnificent marvel you are, and soon you’ll wonder why you ever thought to dress in baggy clothes in the first place!

Makeup Matters

A quick way to look put together and stylish is to have a smooth complexion. Wearing the right makeup can really make you look fresh and renewed – add a new hairstyle and color, and WOW!

Just like with anything, be conservative. Throw on some foundation. Maybe add a little blush. It’s amazing how just a bit of color can give you a refresh.

You don’t have to put on a lot of makeup – in fact, too much foundation, and the wrong shades actually make us look older, which can add to the frump factor. I recommend a cream foundation over a powder, as the powder foundations find wrinkles and fine lines and set, drawing attention to them, which we don’t want to happen.

Adding lipstick can make a world of difference. It can brighten your overall look. Be careful of dark colors since they make lips appear smaller. Darker lipstick shades also draw attention to our mouth area and can reveal aging skin.

Like with anything, be conservative; some foundation, blush, and lipstick, and you’re good to go!

Pay Attention to Accessories

Accessories stop frump from creeping into your style. If you aren’t used to wearing accessories, start small with perhaps some dainty earrings or a small necklace.

If you LOVE accessories, maybe scale it back. One of the biggest style mistakes women make is over accessorizing. Wear 1-2 bracelets, not 8. Please keep it simple.

Did you know that when you wear matchy-matchy accessories, it makes you look older? Focus on pairing colors with silver or gold instead of matched sets.

Follow some of these rules when considering accessories:

  • Pick one or possibly two accessories, such as a fun pair of glasses and a chunky bracelet; you don’t want competing pieces such as glasses and large hoop earrings; it’s too much.
  • Align with what you’re wearing. If you have a busy top with a lot of colors, shapes, or a print, you don’t want to add a necklace that is sure to get lost. Earrings and a bracelet could be the perfect combo.
  • Adding a fun, bold statement piece like a necklace looks great with a solid top. Statement pieces elevate a white blouse and pair of jeans – a classic look!

Age Is an Image

This may be one of the most important tips to rid yourself of frump! I tell my clients that age is an image, and it is up to us to portray the image we want to be every single day!

You get to decide how you are showing up, which is truly a gift when you think about it! When you have the proper mindset, frump starts to dissolve and is replaced with confidence. Confidence is our best accessory!

Frump Be Gone!

You’re ready to celebrate the vibrant and beautiful midlife woman you are without the frump! Share your photos and experience with me on my engaging Facebook Group, Midlife Women Living Fiercely50ish With Style!

Are you wondering about your style type? Take my style quiz and find out!

Cheers to your style!

What is your midlife style? When was the last time you had a new haircut and color? Do you sometimes feel frumpy? What do you do to correct that image?

Let\’s Have a Conversation!

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