4 Ways Women Over 60 Can Create Effortlessly Chic Looks (Petite Ladies Will Especially Love This!)


Throw that velour tracksuit in the trash pronto and find your inner bellezza! Stylish clothing can be comfortable, so long as you focus on what you love about yourself. Every woman has things they like about themselves – at any age. If you want to find out how to make those points shine, you’ll love today’s video with Melanie Payge!

Today, fashion expert Melanie Payge joins Margaret Manning to demonstrate how easy it is to create gorgeous styles for 4 different occasions – all effortlessly stylish!

Casual Fashion For Older Women

Finding the balance between too casual and casual chic is all about knowing what to accentuate – and what to hide! The key thing most women over 60 look for is casual daywear is comfort… but we also want it to be fabulous!

In today’s fashion over 60 video, Melanie demonstrates how easy this is to achieve – especially if you know what you want to highlight. One of the easiest ways to draw attention from the waistline is to wear a top that has detailing around the neckline, with a straight line along the waist, and a longer length.

As Anna-Marie has a petite figure, with a lovely neck and beautiful skin tone, she dresses to draw attention to these features and remove focus from her tummy – something many of us can relate to!

Sophisticated Style is a Cinch!

When looking to craft a more sophisticated look, for example, a long lunch at an upmarket restaurant or an important meeting, a buttoned-down jacket dress can be extremely versatile wardrobe item. It’s structured, yet, loose cut can hide your problem tummy area; however, as it is fitted around the shoulders, it still creates a flattering silhouette.

As Melanie shows with Anna-Marie, the jacket dress can be paired with slimline pants and flat shoes, creating a comfortable, yet, sophisticated look at the same time. Your choice of accessories would determine how dressy it would be – you could easily go from daywear to smart-casual evening wear with this look!

Elegant Eveningwear Made Easy

There are so many amazing, beautiful choices in eveningwear for mature women – especially when it comes to dresses. Depending on which part of your figure you wish to emphasize, you could go for a long dress that elongates you, or a knee-length dress to show off your gorgeous legs, as Anne-Marie shows in today’s fashion after 60 video.

As with daywear and your smart casual looks, it is best to focus on the things you love about yourself, and draw attention away from your least liked features. This is not because you must hide anything away – chances are, others don’t notice what you are self-conscious about. It is purely for your own comfort level alone.

Spellbinding Looks For Special Occasions

Dinner reservations? Check! Theatre tickets? Check! A fabulous dress that will make you look unforgettable? Check! You will have it all under control when you have your next special occasion – especially if you know what to look for when it comes to nailing fashion for older women!

The ‘little black dress’ is a go-to, staple item in any woman’s closet – fashionista or otherwise, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be plain. As Melanie shows with Anne-Marie, the little details go a long way and take your outfit from nice to knockout!

Fashion in your 60’s is one of the best times to try a few new things. You’ve learned so much about who you and this can be reflected in your fashion choice.

As Melanie says, “We need to accept our bodies. We need to accept our body types – where they change, how they change, what we can do with them and what we like about them.”

Once we learn this, there’s no stopping us!

What is your go-to chic look that shows off the best of your figure? What outfit do you think exudes elegance? What are your favorite special occasions you love to dress up for? Do you want us to produce more fashion over 60 video tutorials? Let’s have a chat!

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