4 Holiday Fashion Trends That Strike the Deal for Older Women


The fashion world certainly seems to have gotten the memo that women over 60 don’t want to be boxed into any category that says “dowdy” or “boring.” But sometimes we have to make the effort to prove that it’s true.

Fortunately, there are a lot of fun trends this season that are easily adaptable for us older women. They are sure to bring our look fashion-forward without having to throw out everything we already have or break the bank doing it.

Roamin’ Through the Gloamin’…

The first one is plaid. Yes, that stalwart textile we associate with Jane Eyre, private school uniforms, and royals ambling among the misty moors has taken over everything from coats to shoes.

It’s even appearing on ‘scarves that are actually more like plaid blankets! You either have to be super tall or have a bit of drama to your style to carry it off. Proportion is everything: if it’s too big, you’ll look like you are wearing… a plaid blanket!

But still, plaid is an easy trend to adopt because it’s available in every color scheme and is flattering for just about everyone. It can really spruce up a plain coat or sweater. And if you still have your old plaid coat or flannel shirts, now is the time to break them out!

Midi Not Mini

A lot of women in our generation have been dismayed by the challenge of finding dresses and skirts that aren’t so short that they take us beyond our comfort zone. But this next trend is tailor made for us and adds a sweet, slightly retro element: the midi skirt.

Midis, specifically those in a knit, can either be extremely chic and slimming or can emphasize our more generous parts. The key is to make sure they don’t hug every curve (unless you have a great figure, in which case, go for it!).

If you want to avoid anything clingy, look for one in a gabardine, maybe even a plaid gabardine. Also, if you have stockier legs, you don’t want the hem to end right at the widest point of your calf.

Wear them with darker stockings or tights in the same or a similar color, and then add boots. That will make the whole line look chic. If you do wear tall boots, make sure they’re slim ones. Wide or chunky boots will spoil the line of the skirt.

Speaking of Shoes…

Many of the ankle boots are adding another retro look to fashions this year. And blissfully, they are mostly low-heeled. If you have a lot of playful, high-spirited style, you can wear the chunkier versions with a midi skirt or pair them with some of the new, looser, cropped bottoms.

If you have a lot of drama, try the ones with almost kitten-type heels and pointed toes. Those look best worn with longer pants and give a bit more formal look as well. If you just want something classic in style, look for the ones that have a smooth, uncluttered line. They’re very versatile.

Cozy and Warm

Finally, this is the year of the sweater, in a big way. Break out your favorite cashmere or wool sweaters and wear them with one of these longer skirts and a pretty scarf. But if you want to play with another trend, try one of the new, longer cardigans or sweater-type coats.

These are being shown in both tunic length and longer and can be worn with many types of pants, jeans, or knee-length skirts. They are slimming and are great if you want to somewhat camouflage the look of a wider waistline.

If you’re willing to go in an edgier direction, you might consider springing for one of the new fleece-lined biker-type jackets.

They’re mostly a bit oversized (the 80s are back) and work best with close-fit bottoms like slim pants, midis, jeans and ankle boots. They are very hip and will really take you out of any dowdy category.

For a more feminine look, try one of the new short faux fur plush jackets in a fun color or in a leopard print, both of which are ubiquitous this year. Wear them with a midi or longer dress and you’ve got a great holiday outfit.

Which new trends are you trying and how have they worked for you? Are you looking at your wardrobe to bring out some much loved – and now trendy – clothes, or do you prefer buying new ones? Let’s get the conversation going and see what each of us does when the fashion frenzy strikes!

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