3 Ideas to Help You Add Stunning Fall Colors to Your Mature Plus-Size Wardrobe


The crunching of dry leaves under your shoes. A chilly breeze that makes you shrug your shoulders and zip up your jacket. Fall is here!

There’s a refreshing feeling in the air – accompanied by vibrant oranges, intense yellows and explosive reds. Those deep, lovely earth tones make the season beautiful.

Ready to get into that same autumn vibe yourself? Get inspired by the changing colors all around you. Much of the plus-size clothing for women over 60 tends towards the dark and dull. Why? There are lots of gorgeous hues and tones to wear this season too.

Here’s how you can try something different – from a plum jacket to a cobalt blue wrap – that looks and feels perfect on a mature woman this fall season.

Fall Color Palette

Take a minute to think about the colors you associate with fall. What do you love about the season? What brings you pleasure during these cooler months? That’s what you want to express in the colors you choose to wear.

It’s not just about fitting in and wearing what fashion dictates you should. The colors, prints and patterns you add to your wardrobe tell a story – they radiate the joy you get from your fall surroundings.

Don’t think that plus-size clothing for mature women should be drab. Black, brown and navy blue are all fine choices for the fall, but don’t stop there if you want to express yourself with color!

In reality, you’ll still be wearing the same colors you did during the summer. The only thing that changes are their specific hues. They get a bit darker, but also more intense. They shed their summer brightness for a deeper, earthier tone. Here are some ideas:


Anything from intense reds (think fire-red leaves) to deep, dark tones (burgundy, wine) is perfect for this season.


Yellow hues can range from dull yellow-greens to intense (but not bright) yellows like you’ll see on many leaves.


Think pumpkins and leaves for your intense orange hues. For a darker shade, think of the leaves just before they turn brown. Orange-browns are an excellent dark color choice for the season.


Olive, hunter and yellow-greens replace the brighter hues of summer for a natural look that fits the autumn.


Dark, intense blues are an often-ignored fall option that will look lovely in your wardrobe. Cobalt, navy and muted gray-blue are excellent choices from the color palette.


Switch out white for cream, gray and beige during the fall. They pair well with all the colors listed above and keep your look seasonally appropriate.

Choosing Patterns and Prints

Fall prints tend to be simpler and more understated than their bright summer equivalents. That’s fine – it fits the season and the vibe of the cooler weather. Here are a few ideas:


Plaid is the quintessential fall print. A wide plaid in bold fall colors is striking and stylish. You could also keep it subdued with subtle colors. Either way, it’s a great look for plus-size women. Don’t be afraid of big, wide prints – they’ll complement your style and flatter your figure.


You don’t have to pack away all your floral tops and dresses just yet. Choose a few that work as transitional looks for the early fall. They can feature colors that feel more like summer – as long as there are notes from the fall color palette as well.

Add a black, brown or navy jacket for warmth and texture, and you’ve got a beautiful look that fits the changing seasons.


A geometric pattern in fun fall colors pairs with basic black for a creative look. Remember, simple accessories are best with geometric patterns. Avoid overloading your style with understated jewelry or chunky accessories in complementary colors.

Cute Combinations

Your fall wardrobe likely relies heavily on layering – for warmth and style. You can add coverage and warmth with a plus-size tunic cardigan under a jacket or sweater in fall colors.

Or, start the season with classy heels and gradually switch them out for warmer tights and boots. These variations only enhance the fashion of the fall season.

Mix and match colors for a fun look that mimics the seasonal surroundings. Remember to use neutrals along with intense colors. Don’t smother your beauty in all dark colors – let it show and get inspired by the gorgeous season!

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What are your favorite fall colors? Do you like to wear clothes in those colors? How do they make you feel? Please share the fall color love in the comments below.

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