3 Easy Ways for Plus Size Women Over 50 to Look (and Feel) Cool


As a woman over 50, finding your fit in the fashion world can be a major struggle. This is especially true for plus size women.

The media sends the message that women over 50 should be content with boring and basic. That makes it easy to fall into a dull, nothing-special, everyday appearance. If you’re plus-sized the obstacles are even harder to overcome.

But you don’t have to fade into the background of fashion just because of your size or age. On the contrary! Consider these 3 ways plus size women over 50 can show the world how cool they truly are.

Confidence Is the Deciding Factor for Fashion for Plus Size Women

There’s a little secret you should know about fashion: It’s not just the clothes, it’s the complete confidence with which you wear them!

You may have friends that seem to exude sheer confidence, even if they were to wear a paper bag! How do they do it?

Before planning your wardrobe, think about your attitude because any fashion statement can be ruined with negativity.

Don’t focus on the past, but live in the present. Remembering the days when you were your “perfect” size will not help. And it’s all too easy to feel self- conscious if you compare yourself to others.

Remember, you are unique and beautiful right now, just as you are. No size or shape is perfect, ugly, right or wrong.

Design your own look that works for you. Choose the accessories, colors, cuts, and patterns that you love. That will build your inner confidence and help you show off any style with success.

Choose Cool, Creative Colors

Black is a classic color that works well, especially in formal looks. But many plus size women over 50 use an all (or mostly) black wardrobe to hide their bodies and their beauty.

Instead of relying on it as your go-to color, open your mind to new, cool color possibilities.

For example:

  • Black, with a colorful pattern. You can still use black if you don’t hide behind one solid layer of darkness. Try a dressy black kimono jacket with a striking, colorful pattern.
  • With its variety of shades, like caramel and chestnut, it’s a must-try. Brown works well with most skin tones. Try a plus size top with a brown print for a creative and fun look.
  • Navy blue is softer color that makes a great alternative to black and pairs well with brighter colors.
  • Jewel tones. For evenings out, jewel tones look fantastic. Try pairing a plus size tunic top in teal with a unique pattern, with black, navy, or white pants. It’s a stunning look that flatters and impresses.

Go with Plus Size Clothing in Flattering Designs

Many plus size garments are upsized from smaller cuts and aren’t proportioned for the natural body. Go with designers that work exclusively in plus sizes for a better fit and a more flattering design.

For example, plus size tunics are versatile pieces that can work wonders. Wearing a slightly longer one will discreetly cover over potential problem areas. To soften and smooth the tummy, choose an open shoulder plus size tunic that’s lightweight and a bit longer.

Don’t forget, you want to create a look that works for you. Focus on your positive features and dress them up in cool designs you love.

Proud of your slender legs? Grab a skirt that ends above the knee or black tights for a cool look. Matte tights smooth over the legs and give you a sleeker profile.

Want to show off your curves without wearing something too clingy? Longer skirts can work for you. A flowing handkerchief skirt will dance over your curves. That kind of true comfort will also create an eye-catching style.

Personalize Your Style

Being an over-50 plus size woman doesn’t mean being outdated or fashion-challenged. Forget the negativity. Instead, use your well-earned confidence. Pay attention to your color choices and stay open-minded about trying new fits, cuts, and styles.

Liberate yourself by developing a personal style that no one can match. You’ll look and feel amazing. Because looking cool isn’t about what you’ve got, but what you do with it!

How do you personalize your style in your 60s? Do you have any color combinations that bring a black outfit to life? Where do you shop for plus size clothing? Please share your tips in the comments below.

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