10 Effective Walking Programs to Jumpstart 2020


There are so many reasons to take walking seriously. First, it can be done anywhere (even in place); second, it’s one of the most beneficial healthy habits you can adopt. To get the most out of walking, it’s important to have a goal and a plan. Whether you want to lose weight, get toned, challenge yourself with intervals or kickstart fitness, we’ve got a walking program for you. Best of all, you can start whenever you want.

1. 4-Week Walking Plan For Weight Loss
This 6-day per week walking plan burns roughly 300 calories per walk and can be made harder by adding weights.

2. 4-Week Walking Plan to Tone Your Body
This program spices things up with walking intervals and weight training. Combine cardio with strength moves like squats, lunges and bird dogs, and you’ll feel stronger in no time.

3. 4 Week Intro to HIIT Walking Plan
High-intensity interval trainingaka HIIT, and walking might seem to be on opposite ends of the spectrum, but brisk walking has many benefits — and this plan breaks it down easily so you can take advantage of an extra calorie burn.

4. 4-Week Beginner Walking Plan For Weight Loss
If you currently consider yourself sedentary or are new to walking, this starter plan helps you get comfortable with more movement.

5. 4-Week Walking Plan For Total-Body Strength
This plan features incline walking and bodyweight exercises to build lean muscle.

6. 2-Week Walking Program to Kickstart Fitness
Get back to basics and make walking a regular habit with this 14-day plan that focuses on posture, interval training and making it fun.

7. Your Anywhere, Anytime 7-Day Walking Program
There’s no excuse not to lace up your shoes — this plan can be easily customized. Only have 10 minutes one day? Try the speed-walk option.

8. 4-Week Treadmill Training Plan
Perfect for cold winter months, this program keeps treadmill walking exciting and challenging, with brisk paces and incline.

9. 10-, 20- and 30-Minute Walking Workouts
Something is always better than nothing, and with this plan, you can reap the benefits of walking regardless of how much time you have.

10. 4-Week Walking Reset Plan
Keep things simple with this plan that slowly builds in duration — you’ll be increasing your step count in no time.

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