Love Your Lips


Love Your Lips

There\’s no need to go au naturel when you can go all natural. There are many natural and organic lipsticks on the market that will fill your beauty needs.

Plump, juicy lips coated in bright red lipstick have always been considered the ultimate in sex appeal and feminine beauty. But could the product that gives us that glamorous, movie-star appeal be endangering our health at the same time?

Recent reports on the harmful toxins contained in lipsticks reveal thisironic truth.

According to a study by The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics in October 2007, many lipsticks on the market today contain a surprising amount of lead. In fact, one-third of these lead-laced lipsticks exceeded the US Food and Drug Administration’s limit of 0.1 parts per million (ppm) for lead in candy. Lead is a toxic substance that can affect the nervous system and brain and stunt the growth of children.

Makeup worn on the mouth is not only ingested but also absorbed through the skin. In addition to lead, there are an estimated 10,000 chemicals that the cosmetic industry uses to produce lipstick. These include butylated hydroxytoluene (some studies have associated this chemical with cancer risk); nylon-6; titanium dioxide; coal tar dyes; fragrances; and petroleum products. Eighty-nine percent of these 10,000 chemicals have not been tested as safe for humans. Lipsticks containing any of these should be avoided.

Ready to trade your tube of red for something a little greener?

Naturally Super Smackers

You might now be tempted to throw out all your lipstick tubes–but no need to go au naturel when you can go natural! There are many natural lipsticks on the market that will fill your beauty needs while keeping you safe and healthy.

Trade your current lipsticks full of harmful chemicals for natural ones full of beneficial ingredients. Look for lipsticks containing nourishing oils (jojoba oil); plant waxes; and butters (shea butter). At your local health food store, you can find organic lipsticks in glorious colours derived from natural mineral pigments. These natural makeup alternatives are a little harder to find than the common drug store variety, but the trade-off is definitely worth it.

The next time you coat your lips in a racy red shade, remember to think not only of your beauty but of your health, as well. If you’ve taken the time to invest in an organic lipstick, you won’t have to worry about ingesting harmful chemicals. Instead, you’ll be able to smile to yourself and remember that you’re beautiful and savvy. You love your lips, but you love your health even more.

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