8 RD-Approved Dips to Buy at Trader Joe’s


When losing weight, you don’t have to give up your favorite snacks. Chips and dips are an easy go-to, but many store-bought options are high in calories, fat and sugar. Thankfully Trader Joe’s offers a variety of healthier dips to enjoy without breaking the calorie bank.

Here are eight healthy options to try:

Why it made the cut: These savory dip packs are a nice balance of protein and fiber thanks to the black beans, and have just 35 calories per serving. Use it as a hearty dip for chips and veggies or as part of a homemade layer dip with some of the options below.

Why it made the cut: Tomatoes do double duty in this dip by adding fresh flavor and cutting some of the more calorie-dense ingredients typically used in hummus. At just 35 calories per serving, this dip is a great option to pair with fresh veggies or a handful of pita chips.

Why it made the cut: This dip swaps sour cream and mayo for Greek yogurt, cutting calories and fat in half compared to Trader Joe’s Classic Spinach Dip. Each serving contains just 30 calories and the addition of kale adds extra nutrients and gives it a rich texture.

Why it made the cut: Tzatziki traditionally uses yogurt, cucumber and dill for a fresh and summery dip, but this one bumps up the healthy fat content by throwing avocados into the mix as well. It’s light, creamy and makes for a great poolside dip with just 25 calories per serving.

Why it made the cut: This vegan dip mimics queso perfectly, but with nutritious cashews, vegetables and ingredients you can pronounce instead of the processed cheese you’ll typically find in prepared cheese dip. It tastes even better when heated and clocks in at just 30 calories per serving.

Why it made the cut: Pumpkin seeds (aka pepitas) add delicious crunch to this dip, making it an interesting take on classic salsa. They also provide a nutritional boost, adding healthy fats that make the dip more satisfying — all for just 30 calories per serving.

Why it made the cut: This dip uses smoky fire-roasted tomatoes for a salsa that offers plenty of flavor without any added salt. The result is just as satisfying as traditional salsa, but with only 30mg sodium per serving (compared to the 200-plus milligrams in many other salsas).

Why it made the cut: Avocados are a healthy addition to any snack table, but the calories can add up quickly. This guacamole uses Greek yogurt to cut some of the avocado (and therefore, some of the calories), so you can still enjoy heaps of flavorful, chunky guacamole for just 30 calories per serving.

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