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Modern header, footer, and sidebar nav.
Header Menu Footer Menu Sidebar Left Menu Sidebar Right Menu
Display alerts & notifications creatively.
Alerts Toasts Online / Offline Detection
Form Layouts
All form input components.
Input Textarea Select Input Group Checkbox Radio File Upload Range Auto Complete Switches Form Validation
UI Elements
Beautifully designed lots of UI elements.
Accordion Badge Button Breadcrumb Timeline Card Image Gallery Hero Blocks Tab Offcanvas User Ratings Testimonials Call to Action Partner Logo
Quickly create any blocks with helpers.
Borders Colors Dividers Embeds Video Images List Group Modal Pagination Progress Bar Scrollspy Spinners Stretched link Shadows Sizing Tooltips Text truncation Typography Text
Create a variety of carousels.
Bootstrap Carousel Tiny Slider
Make responsive table layouts.
Basic Table Data Table Price Table Comparison Table
Countdown or countup your milestones.
Count Down Counter Up
Lots of charts for showing data.
Area Chart Column Chart Line Chart Pie Chart