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Most people dread a weight-loss plateau, but when the scale won’t budge, you may actually want to celebrate. “It may be your new equilibrium,” says Tim Church, MD, MPH, professor of preventive m
If you’ve ever paid close attention to your eating habits — by keeping a food log, tracking macros, following a meal plan, etc.— you may have noticed that during the colder months you’re hungrie
Ask an expert or anyone, and they will agree there’s no secret fast track to long-term weight loss. It requires consistency, dedication and having faith in the idea each good decision and habit
Each new year brings resolutions focused heavily around losing weight and eating healthier. But each February sees the majority of them end. To keep your motivation strong, here are a few secret
Traditional comfort foods tend to be heavy on less-healthy ingredients like cream, cheese, sugar and refined carbs and light on healthy ingredients like veggies and whole grains. If you want to 
Many people, who may have maintained their weight easily in their 20s and 30s, start to feel more challenged when they pass the big 4-0, and that’s not surprising since you begin to lose lean mu
Many of the people in my life that I would consider the most fit share a few of the same healthy habits. Many are members of the dawn patrol, tackling early morning workouts before most people w
We all know moving the number on the scale requires seriously watching our bread, pasta and pastry intake. A diet too high in carbohydrates — even complex carbs like whole-wheat bread, sweet pot
If you’re trying to lose weight, you’ve probably come across foods and supplements that claim to “boost your metabolism.” But what does this actually mean, and is it even possible? Simply put, “
When it comes to moving the needle on the scale, dieters are turning to intermittent fasting to cut calories and lose weight. Among the 1/3 of millennials who followed a specific eating pattern,

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