Why Wearing Classic Clothing After 60 Doesn't Have to Be Boring


Ever feel like your wardrobe is in a rut? You grab the first thing you can reach and throw it on. You look… OK, but you’ve been wearing the same old outfit for years.

Sure, it’s a classic look. You really can’t go wrong with a classic. Right?

It’s true – some pieces will never go out of style – like the little black dress. But that doesn’t mean you want to – or ought to – wear the same colors, patterns and cuts over and over again. It can all get a bit dull.

Want to jazz things up a bit and mix up your wardrobe? Here’s how to add a little spice to your classic outfits and come away with a stylish masterpiece.

Fun Footwear

Always go for high quality footwear. You want to exude elegance. Nothing says it better than jazzy heels that draw the eye and get attention.

Switching up the shoes can instantly change an outfit and make a stylish statement. Here are some simple ideas:

  • A pair of boots with feather trimmings or glitter can add a little fun to a casual night out.
  • If comfort is important, look for block heels. They give support but still look professional.
  • Slouchy boots are popular and look great with a shorter frock.

Don’t restrict yourself to a monochrome, black wardrobe. Try a bright shoe with your black dress. Or take it a step further with a bold leopard print. Shoes with beading or hint of gold also offer a unique look.

If you opt for the classic black pump, go with a closed toe with a slight point. It’s a modern, elegant look that elongates the leg and flatters your figure.

Worried about drawing too much attention to your ankles? Stay away from shoes with straps. Strapless shoes give you a more svelte look and distract from problem areas.

Play with Patterns

Your clothing is like a blank canvas. You could go all black, but would you want to look at a canvas with just one stripe of black paint? Get creative and express yourself with patterns instead.

Start with the classic black dress. Then add a bold patterned scarf or a colorful kimono sleeve cardigan that gets the attention. Try experimenting with animal prints, tie dye and batik.

Add a basic handbag in stunning red or vibrant yellow. If you want to add another subtle touch, a brooch or hair accessory can complete the look.

Try mixing up shapes, too. A flowing tie dye tunic that lets you breathe – combined with slinky black pants – is anything but boring. The contrast is eye catching and flattering. If you prefer a solid top, make it a strong contrasting color and pair it with chunky jewelry.

Worried that a big pattern will make you look bigger? Many plus size women are unsure about patterns. But delicately arranged patterns can give a new look and even hide weight. Opt for big, subtle prints instead of small patterns.

It’s All in the Details

A classic look must be complete from head to toe. Details mean everything. You can’t combine a knockout dress with a cheap pair of heels.

Remember, if you don’t feel great, you don’t look great. Don’t force your body to fit a style that isn’t you. Focus on your best features and show them off.

The wonderful thing about classics is, you don’t have to have only one look. Keep on experimenting and modernizing your outfits. Change your accessories and shoes often. It will have your friends always guessing what will be your latest look.

Classic pieces with clever accessories are easy to mix and match, creating something new every day. Unlike trends that leave you in a few months, basics stay stylish.

Since these basics are your favorite pieces, you always feel comfortable in them and keep a simple, versatile wardrobe. What could be better?

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How do you jazz things up a little in your wardrobe? What are your favorite colors or accessories? Please share in the comments below.

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