Too Lazy to Shop for Clothes? You Are Not Alone!


My question is: Why do you think of yourself as lazy? Often, what we think is laziness is just a natural response to uncertainty or insecurity.

The entire fashion industry is based on insecurity. It’s their job to get us confused about how we look and to make us relinquish control of our decisions. Don’t give them that power.

Here are some common reasons for fashion “laziness” along with ideas about how to reframe them. How many of these apply to you?

I’m So Busy That I Don’t Have a Lot of Time to Shop

Understanding how to shop intelligently means you won’t need a lot of time to shop. Besides, people who spend too much time shopping possibly have a shopping addiction. Buy fewer, high quality items you truly love, and you’ll cut your shopping time – and likely your budget – dramatically.

I Hate Malls; the Crowds, the Parking, the Sensory Overload

A lot of people hate malls. Among them are highly sensitive people. Malls often offer too many choices with too little guidance. When you learn what works for you, zero in on the stores that serve your style best or avoid malls entirely. A great local boutique or online store could be your solution.

I Get Bleary-Eyed/Anxious/Insecure When I Compare Myself with What I See in Fashion Magazines and on Instagram

The images you see in the media are of manufactured persons. They are not real humans who clean up after baby or dog poo, mow lawns or sweat over bills. They have hairdressers, stylists, makeup artists, personal trainers, chefs, to make them, and their lives, look so “effortless.” Don’t compare yourself with fiction.

How I Look Is Just Not All That Important to Me

Whether we like it or not, we are judged within the first seven seconds of an introduction. But our greatest judgement comes from the mirror itself.

If you really didn’t care about how you look, you wouldn’t be reading this. You do care. You just need the tools to make simple, effortless decisions about how to dress. And that doesn’t have to eat up a lot of time.

I’ve Recently Gained/Lost Weight and Nothing Fits or Looks Good on Me

Weight gain or loss is a very common reason to avoid shopping. By paying attention to your basic body shape and creating pleasing visual proportion and balance, you will be able to clothe your body at any stage of your life regardless of how much space you do or don’t take up.

I’m Over 60 and Feel That Fashion Has Forgotten About Me

Chin up! The times, they are a-changing. You will see more and more fashionable women and men over the age of 50, 60, 70 and beyond in the public eye.

But yes, it is more challenging to find clothing that isn’t designed for 18-year-olds. Recognize your unique style, coloring and the needs of your lifestyle, and build a “uniform” around that – and stick with it.

I’m Actually Depressed, Not Lazy

Depression is often the crux of the matter. Since the purpose of fashion marketing is to keep us insecure, it certainly can create a ripe field for depression. But consider this (it was taught to me by one of my college professors, Dr. Valerie Hunt): depression is anger turned inward.

Take that anger against the world of fashion, and use it to build your self-esteem. Take back your power. Learn your lessons, apply them, create a functional, attractive, stress-free wardrobe and then watch the depression start to lift.

Sometimes the superficial things – like looking good in and loving what we wear – can reinforce or motivate a positive internal change.

Do you relate to any of these excuses to refrain from being stylish? What is your take on shopping? Please share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below.

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