The Three Best Fall 2022 Makeup Trends (You Can Actually Use!)


Every season I am suckered into trying the new trends in makeup. Partly because it’s my business, and partly because it’s funny. Not ha-ha funny, mind you, but funny in that I would look bananas wearing most beauty trends that hit the market.

That being said, don’t let that fact deter you from modifying certain looks to keep you looking current and, dare I say it, cool. (My daughters have said I will never be cool, but that never stopped me.)

For all the ‘cool’ mature ladies out there, here are my top three makeup trends that you can actually use in 2022 including lots of liner, lots of lashes, and lots of bold lipstick.

Lots of Eyeliner

The heavy eyeliner trend is, well, heavy, and not necessarily attractive depending on your eye shape, age, and general flavor. That being said, you can modify it by applying the pencil very close to the lash-line and using a slanted brush to soften it down.

Try MAC waterproof eyeliner pencil in Brown Border and MAC slanted eyeshadow brush 263 for ease of blending.

I recommend adding the waterproof eyeliner under your top lashes in your waterline to give a stronger liner look without appearing overly made up, and also putting it on the lower lash-line between your lashes. Both tricks will keep you looking modern and not like a drag queen, although I must say I’m a huge fan of drag queens.

Lots of Lashes

The extra thick and long lashes look we’ve all come to either loath or relish continues into fall 2022 with no signs of relinquishing. There are a few magical ways to achieve this look, some are more expensive than others, but all of them will get you there.

For those of you willing to lay down the cash, lash extensions are amazing and work wonders. That being said, you will have to return to have them touched up monthly to the tune of $150-250 per session. If you just choked, you’re not alone. However, many a thin-lashed woman has basked in worship at the undeniable effect of the pricey plunder.

For the more cost-conscious among us, an eyelash curler like Shu Uemura’s and repeat layers of your favorite semi-goopy mascara like Elf Volumizing Mascara will do the trick. If you prefer false lashes, try cutting them in half and just having the outer edge sit slightly above your lash line to further open up your eye area. In the video, I used Lashes in a Box, but any cheap false lashes will do.

Lots of Bold Lipstick

It’s so easy to get stuck using the same neutral lipstick because that’s what you plopped in your purse 10 years ago. It’s time to break free. Try a deeper tone of lipstick while avoiding the Cruella de Ville evil dog-snatcher look.

For example, if you like rosy tones, try a nice raspberry like Joanna from Jane Iredale. You can therefore stay in the same pink color family, but make it pop with a lip gloss and strategically applied lip liner. In the video, I demo how to use a neutral lip pencil to give you fuller, more pouty lips. I prefer to do this rather than using a matching liner because it softens down the bolder lip color.

Will we ever be cool? Will our respective family members ever actually say that if we update our makeup look? Who cares! As long as you don’t look like you’ve gone round-the-bend, trying new things is fun and a wonderful distraction from the current world events that threaten to swallow-up our good feelings.

For me, makeup is a transformational, buoyant pastime that keeps me focused on being my best and always being open to new ideas. Have fun!

Are you looking into fall makeup trends? Which ones have you found the most interesting and wearable for you? Do you think a particular makeup look makes you ‘cool’?  

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