Keeping a Makeup Journal – What Can You Learn That You Didn't Know?


We don’t usually associate keeping a journal with our beauty products. Neither skin care or makeup. I have certainly never done so, but in review, it seems to be a good idea. No more buying something that gives you a rash… you’d forgotten about that, hadn’t you?!

What Do You Journal About?

Certainly foundation, powders, concealer, bronzer, and anything else that creates a layer of lustrousness on your skin or enhances your natural beauty is worth writing down.

It becomes a case of The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly and how wonderful it is to actually know what works and what doesn’t for you.

Best Brands

You’re conducting your own market research here, and hopefully, you can do it on a shoestring. By journaling your results you create a crystal clear picture of your makeup needs.

Your investment is the purchase of some of the tiny little makeup pots you can buy in Dollar stores or Poundland.

Take your little pot/s to a large makeup outlet and have the salesgirl put a little of what you fancy into a pot! There are few (if any) stores that will say no. Although it’s a little different now with the pandemic.


No reaction is what you’re looking for, of course. But if you have a reaction, you haven’t spent half your mortgage on makeup or skin care you can’t use ever again!

Yes, refunds are usually not a problem, but if you don’t have to go through the process, my advice is don’t. Just use the little pot method of testing.

Younger and Fresher Look

The little pot method is wonderful for concealer, foundation, and anything liquid creamy, but not so good for powders. Those you have to experiment with in store, and it doesn’t matter how many times you go to the counter looking. It’s about you and what you need and want.

Also, by trying the products you have the chance to see what gives you the edge in looking younger and feeling fresher. Which also applies to skin care.

Make note of the product, the maker, when and how you used it, how it looked, if there were any reactions and, more importantly, how it made you feel in your journal.

Eyes and Mouth

Mascara, eyeliner, eye shadow – these are all things you can try at the counter in a store and again, if it takes time to find what you want, keep going until you do. Keep journaling so you know what you have tried and what not!

Lipstick? It’s important to find a lipstick that feels right. Use the testers but NEVER on your lips! Instead, find an area that is the same colour as your face (more or less) and, using a cotton bud, wipe on a small sample.

We’re usually quite good at gauging what works colour-wise, so it’s the feel you’re testing. How smooth and creamy is it?

Quick Tip on Expired Beauty Products

Throw out anything too old. Most makeup will last generally for two years if it’s kept cold. If it has worn out its welcome, TRASH IT!

Using expired cosmetics often results in the product/s just not doing what it/they should do. If there are changes in appearance, smell, and colour, or something becomes sticky or oily, it’s definitely time to let it go.

The worst case scenario is skin irritation. Anything from dermatitis to allergic reactions and even infection.

Of course, no conversation about old cosmetics is complete without mention of cleaning your brushes. Very important.

By keeping a journal in which you carefully add details of every little happening, you will save yourself time, money, and heartache. You also have a go to spot for any information you need… you may find a concealer you have just mistakenly bought was used before – with catastrophic results.

Does this seem like a good idea to you? Would you like to create and keep makeup information to save your energy?! Is it important to you to know which products you really should not use? Please share below!

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