Fashion for Women Over 60: 4 Casual and Creative Looks for the Young at Heart


In the world of fashion, there is always something for everyone. Creativity and radiance are enhanced in these great looks that fashion expert Melanie Payge has put together for us. Enjoy the show!

Margaret Manning:

Hello, everyone. Welcome to this special fashion edition of the Sixty and Me show. I’m in Milan with fashion expert Melanie Payge who has invited our model for today, Ana Maria, to portray a carefree, casual kind of style. Please go on.

Melanie Payge:

So, Ana Maria, how do you describe yourself and your style?

Ana Maria:

I’m sunny and eclectic.


I agree. This really seems to match your appearance. So, Ana Maria has a very petite body type, and she’s got a bit of a tummy going on which is normal when you get over 60. How old are you, Ana Maria?

Ana Maria:

I’m 68 years old.


And you’re doing quite well. Now, Ana Maria has a beautiful neck, she’s got a nice coloring and her outfit compliments her very well. It covers her mid-section, her neck is nicely exposed and the navy blue is just right for her.

Then she’s also got a white shoe and is even wearing a shorter pant, which is very rare for people of her size. But it’s easy and looks good on her.

What we’re going to have her try on is a very casual, fun, summery look to wear during the day. It might be a little more sophisticated than she’s used to, but let’s see what happens.

Now, Ana Maria works in this shop and knows the items very well. Everything here is Mercatino Michela. She’s also chosen parts of her outfit based on her knowledge about fashion.

The top she has on is cute and brings about a sunny atmosphere. She can wear it during the day and make a good impression on her customers while feeling comfortable. She can wear her black cotton pants that fit perfectly, though I think black shoes would look better and wouldn’t take away from the bottom of the outfit.

I think the dart can be taken out a little further, but overall this looks really good on her. It shows her neckline and small body, the back comes down nicely and the shoulders fit perfectly.

This is a great outfit for Ana Maria to wear at work or during the day. It’s light and comfortable. Now let’s do an evening ensemble.

Ana Maria:

Okay. Wonderful.


So, tell us, how do you feel in this outfit?

Ana Maria:

I feel great actually.


Why do you like it?

Ana Maria:

The color is pretty, the shape fits me well and it’s very comfortable.


Ana Maria really knows her fashion style and what fits her body type. This dress is cut perfectly straight down, so it doesn’t emphasize those parts of her body that might not be in a perfect shape.

It accentuates her beautiful neckline, and she feels comfortable in it. She could work in this dress or wear it to dinner. She’s wearing her white shoes because it’s summer and that looks very nice. She could also wear it in the winter with a black hose and black shoes. It’s a very flexible dress.

The next outfit is an evening dress that Ana Maria could wear to a special event. This dress is really cute. It fits her perfectly, and she loves it. We had to shorten the shoulder straps a little bit though, to make it fit perfectly. How do you feel Ana Maria?

Ana Maria:

I really like this dress.


What about this bit of skin that is coming out a little from the side and above the upper hem? We all have it, but does it bother you?

Ana Maria:

No, it’s absolutely fine.


Well, it’s great that you feel that way. As we get older, it’s important to accept the changes that happen with our bodies. There are ways we can deal with those issues, whether in our arms or our knees.

Well, thank you very much Ana Maria. It was a pleasure to have you as our model.

Which parts of your body have changed the most with age? Do you like the changes? How do you accommodate them in your fashion style? Please tell us in the comments below.

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