Enjoying the Rest of Our Summer – With Fun Accessories


I don’t know about you, but I want my summer back! My REAL summer. Not the abbreviated, still-slightly-scary lockdown-slash-reopening summer. I want that beach vacation! I want that stroll through St. Peter’s Square in my sandals and flowing sundress.

I want to wear my new swimsuit in the Caribbean… or at least at my friend’s pool. And I want to spend good times enjoying barbecues and outdoor meals with my friends and family!

Well, we can dream – and hope that next year this pandemic will be completely behind us.

Still, there is joy to be had in the little things that remind us that we are, in fact (at least in the Northern Hemisphere) still in the summer months.

And one way to remind ourselves of that fact is by sprucing up our wardrobe with a couple of new accessories. So, let’s look at what’s available right now – much of it on sale! (That’s one of the good things about shopping during the pandemic.)


There are threethemes in necklaces this summer: big and bold, multiples of delicate chains, and playful beads. In the big and bold category, you’ll be seeing lots of choker length and slightly longer chunky metal link necklaces. You’ll also see large faux pearls chokers.

Both are being worn with everything from tailored jackets and blouses to swimsuits and swim cover-ups. They add an elegant and eye-catching detail to almost any outfit and draw attention up to the face.

But if you’re unwilling to call attention to what you feel is a less desirable neck or chin, the longer, more delicate chain necklaces in varying lengths, worn together, are still another choice. For the right person, someone with a more quiet personality, they can be a perennial statement, not just for this season.

You can vary the size of the links slightly and add different pendants to each. You can also add one colorful gemstone pendant for a very fresh look. Those longer necklaces are more elongating for the upper half of the body than chokers.

And if you do make it to the tropics, anything with shells and beads says “summer.” They will also emotionally transport you back to that happy place and time every time you wear them.


Unless you buy a forever pair of gold earrings on your Italian vacation, a new pair of costume jewelry earrings is a way to play with trends without having to make a huge financial commitment. These less expensive faux jewelry pieces will bring some playfulness to any summer outfit.

One of the biggest trends in earrings now is resin and acrylic. You’ll find them in large, medium, and small hoops, (many of the smaller ones have embedded rhinestones – they’re a throwback to the 80s and 90s) in tortoise shell and multi colors.

They also come in round and rectangular linked drop earrings that make more of a statement. But the fact that they are resin gives them a light and breezy feeling. And resin, unless you scratch it, doesn’t look faded and discolored the way some costume jewelry does over time.

Lastly, fringe is a new and playful detail in fashion this summer. You’ll see it in straw handbags, some sandals, and a lot of costume jewelry, particularly earrings in half-moon shapes and in lighter colors. They add a little delight to any outfit for the summer.

Statement Sunglasses

The most avant garde among us might be drawn to some of the very narrow, very round, or very thick new sunglass frames. And the glass portion of some of those comes in unusual colors like pink or yellow.

But frankly, sunglasses are meant to protect your eyes. So, you might want to keep that in mind when embracing any trend in this category.

However, do think about going larger in size. That doesn’t mean to buy into the extremely heavy-looking frames you see some people wearing, unless it suits your proportions perfectly. But at least look for a pair that has some boldness (there’s that word again for this year) in its style.

Think: Jackie Kennedy-size and shape sunglasses. That just means look for something that is larger than a thin, delicate frame, or a small roundish frame, and that actually covers and protects your entire eye area from the sun.

That could be a cat-eye or a rounded square shape. As for color, black and tortoise shell are very popular right now and will be for a very long time.

Summer Sandals and Slides

Now here’s the thing about slides – you just have to make sure that they stay on your feet. Otherwise, your toes will be gripping the top of them just to keep them on. Of course, the advantage is that they are certainly easy to slip on and off.

Still, they are a chic way to dress up a casual outfit this summer. The flat versions look very nice with some of those popular wider-leg pants and crops. They can also work with flowing dresses and shorts or swimwear.

But go for the best quality and materials: leather, classic design, not a lot of embellishment. Otherwise, you will look like you just forgot to change out of your bedroom slippers.

Espadrilles are also very popular this year, but frankly, they never go out of style. And they add a very summery feel to dresses and shorts. The flatter ones also work fine with jeans and cropped pants.

Straw Bags

When we think of espadrilles we also invoke the memory of straw bags. Nothing says summer like a straw bag. Everyone needs at least one, and they usually last a lifetime. It’s hard to think of a straw bag that has gone out of style.

When we say “straw,” that includes those made from rattan, wicker, and other fiber-type bags. This year you have your pick of every possible shape: round, rectangular, square, half moon, octagonal, totes, top-handled satchels – just about anything you can imagine.

And for the very practical, once again, belt bags are back. Thankfully, this time they are more attractive than the utilitarian nylon version “fanny packs” of yore.

Look for these in a softer or more flexible textile that will gracefully wrap around your middle, instead of bobbing up and down on it when you walk. Some of the softer leather ones in lighter colors are actually quite attractive.

Stay healthy and safe and enjoy the rest of your summer!

What are some of your favorite summer accessories? Did you buy them while vacationing somewhere? What do you wear them with? Let’s chat summer accessories!

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