Easy Fall Glam Smoky Eye Makeup (Step-by-Step)


Pull out your inner glamour girl, we are doing a smoky eye! Nearly every woman I know and work with would love to have the smoky-eye look but struggles to apply it. In fact, one over 65 female talent I work with looks forward to shoot days because I pull out the stops to make her look glamorous!

With that in mind, let’s talk how to create a fall glam look including smoky eyes, false lashes, and lathering the lip gloss.

Glamorous Smoky Eye

Smoky eyeshadow is primarily about blending eyeliner and eyeshadow in a way that makes you look sexy and not like you have a black eye. I know this sounds obvious, but there is a fine line between the two that is very easy to overstep. I suggest you tackle this look by going step-by-step and ensuring you have products and brushes that will most help you.

Start with a waterproof eye pencil like Stila Waterproof Smudgestick Liner and apply it to your waterline both on top and below. If you use a liner that isn’t waterproof, odds are good it will either run down your face or wipe off within a few minutes.

Then add the same liner above your lash line and below, so that you have rimmed your eyes both inside and outside of your lash line. After that, take a pencil brush like the By Terry Pencil Brush and blend both the top and bottom.

The challenge here is that a heavily lined eye doesn’t work on all eye shapes, so you have to go with what looks good on you. For the most part, I am especially careful with the under-eye liner and blending, as this can easily blur into dark circles and give that I haven’t slept in two weeks look that no one wants.

When in doubt, just add some color to the bottom outer edge – as opposed to all the way across – and call it good.

In the video, I use a wonderful eyeshadow palette by Illamasqua called Movement Artistry to add depth to the lid and crease area. If your eyes can handle it, apply the color all over the lid and blend up into your crease, but if you have deep set eyes or small lids like I do, then stick with the outer lid and pop your middle and inner lid with a gold shimmer.

False Lashes: Should You Wear Them?

Long eyelashes are in style, but they can easily look crazy if you’re not careful. I’ve had women come into the makeup room having not kept up with their lash extensions, and they look like a broken spider is crawling out of their eye socket!

Lash extensions can be an expensive and time-consuming endeavor to manage, hence my continued love for false lashes. Having said that, they can also look amiss if you wear ones that are too prominent or dense.

Whether or not false lashes are right for you depends on your eye shape, sensitivity (they can irritate sensitive eyes), and type of lashes. Also, applying false lashes can be a challenge if your eyesight is limited for close-up maneuvering.

In the video, I demonstrate how to trim, apply glue, and apply the gorgeous Pinkzio False Lashes in Adore Me on my eyes. In truth, it takes me a few attempts to get it right when I wear false lashes, but once they are on, there is no arguing that they are worth the effort.

False lashes have the wonderful effect of making me want to over accessorize my outfit, run outside, and furiously blink at everyone. No doubt my conservative neighbors might frown on this behavior, but I’m sure my diva alter ego wouldn’t care.

How to Make Your Lips Look Bigger

Glamorous lips mean shiny puffy lips, and if you’re anything like me, that ship has sunk a bit. To create that plumped up lip look, try a lip pencil one to two shades darker than your skin, like Jane Iredale Nude Lip Liner Pencil, and draw it slightly outside your natural lip line.

Then, fill in the outer edges of your lips to add depth, and lather on your favorite lip gloss, mine is Jane Iredale Mocha Latte gloss. Voilà, your lips are enormous. Personally, I like to kiss my daughters while wearing gobs of lip-gloss, just because.

This look takes a bit of time and practice, but it’s fun and playful and can lift your spirits. Who among us hasn’t felt like dancing while wearing eyeliner and lashes?

Going back to the over 65 female talent I work with, when we do the smoky eyed look, she and I have been known to head over to the bakery and buy gluten free vanilla birthday cake covered in sprinkles… just for giggles. Glamour will do that.

What does your glamour girl look include? When was the last time you “put it on”? Have you tried the smoky eye look with false lashes? What results and tips can you share?

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