Busted! 4 Myths About Fashion After Fifty That You Need To Rethink (#3 Is Unbelievable!)


It seems like myths and rules follow us through all stages of life – even when it comes to fashion for older women! Are you curious about which rules should be followed and which ones are myths, there to mess with your head? If so, you’ll really enjoy watching today’s video with Susan Honeygood!

In today’s Sixty and Me video, Margaret Manning is joined by author Susan “Honey” Honeygood to go over the misconceptions and myths about fashion for older women that are holding you back from being your best self!


Myth #1 – Fashion Over 50 Means Rules

Peer pressure seems to be inescapable – even in our 50’s and beyond! Some of us may feel an expectation from others to dress or look a certain way. The problem with this mentality is it’s probably something you are burdening yourself with, as there really are no rules here!

As Honey says, “Age is just a number…because you are a certain age, does not mean you have to dress a certain way, or, for that matter, wear your hair a certain way.” In today’s Sixty and Me video, Honey discusses how she has let her hair be natural, which for her is gray – a color many women are afraid to show.

Many older women allow themselves to be boxed in by a perception of certain hair colors belonging to certain age groups. As Margaret states, “Some women believe youth is associated with a certain hair color or style – it holds them back from trying new things or feeling natural.” The reason it’s a myth? It’s actually your choice – don’t hold yourself back!

Myth #2 – Short Skirts Are Out

Why is it we assume we don’t have sexy legs once we hit a certain age? If this were a certainty, why would fashion for mature women include dresses and skirts shorter than ankle length? Because it’s a myth!

No one is saying you need to run out and fill your closet with hotpants suddenly but if that works for you, go for it! The bottom line is you need to go with a length of skirt, dress or shorts you are comfortable with as there really is no hard and fast rule.

Many of us still have gorgeous legs, and for those of us that think we don’t? Who cares! As Margaret says, “We are judging ourselves more than other people are judging us,” so wear what you want, at the length you like it at.

Myth #3 – No Jeans Allowed

For some bizarre reason, many women think fashion after 50 means not wearing jeans! This is a really odd myth in some ways given the coverage and versatility they offer.

Gone are the days where all you can find are skin-tight jeans that make corsets look comfortable. Even better, high-rise jeans have made a comeback! Artfully torn, oversized boyfriend jeans are still all the rage and look fantastic with white t-shirts and button down shirts.

The point is, with so many cuts, colors, and fabrics available you would be very hard-pressed not to find a style that looks fabulous – at any age! If you like them, wear them. Myth busted!

Myth #4 – Arms Must Be Completely Covered

We’re all going to have days where we feel like we should just give up and wear a bag over our head but there’s no need to have it cover your arms! One of the things that can be tough to deal with as we get older is the loss of tone in certain parts of our body.

When it comes to fashion for older women, it can be challenging to find clothes that cover arms but also look good! The answer? Don’t bother! There are ways around this issue such as wearing tops with thin lace sleeves such as Margaret suggests.

Whether it’s for your arms, tummy, or thighs, one of the best clothing items you can invest in is good undergarments such as bodysuits or shapewear. They can help you look and feel trimmer by smoothing out lumps or bumps and tightening loose areas. You can even still wear sleeveless dresses – watch today’s video for Honey’s secret tip!

Which of these fashion over 50 myths have you followed? What other fashion myths confuse you? How do you feel about fashion rules? Join in the conversation!

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