Ankle Pants and Spring Fashion for Women Over 60


Ankle pants are a perfect transition into spring for all women of all ages. In addition, this style is quite easy to find in the retail stores (always an advantage). But what exactly is an ankle pant?

What Are Ankle Pants?

Now, let’s remember that everyone’s definition can be different. Here’s what I’m going to say. The ankle pant hemline ends at your ankle bone or just above it (when standing).

If you’re wondering about cropped pants, capris or pedal-pushers, they tend to be shorter. They tend to show a third of the lower leg or more. But some people do treat these terms as interchangeable!

What Variations and Styles Are Available?

One variation of these pants is the width of the hem area. Do you want a pair that’s tapered, straight or wider?

For most of us, the tapered or straight version tends to be more flattering overall. This is because it’s more of a fluid line down the leg. However, there are body shapes that could benefit from a wider ending at the hemline.

Another reason to choose a wider ending is if your shirt is more fitted. The proportions could look better if you have a looser fit on the bottom half of your body with the fitted shirt on top.

Ankle pants come in a variety of prints and materials, which make them quite versatile. Don’t be afraid of a print pant – they are great for hiding any lumps and bumps that accumulate on the hips or behind. It truly comes down to your personal preference and the fit of the pants.

Chico’s, a contemporary brand that design with older women in mind, always stock a great selection of ankle pants in solids and also seasonal trendy prints.

Chico\'s ankle pantsChico\'s ankle pants
Chico\'s ankle pantsChico\'s ankle pants

Of course, not every pair will look great on your body, but that’s the pant’s issue, not your body’s issue! Remember, your body is fabulous! The pants were made to fit a certain size specification and, just because your dimensions are different, that does not make your body the problem.

It’s extremely helpful to find a couple of brands that work well for your frame. Then you can fall back on these in a pinch. However, I always think that it’s nice to have a variety of styles and brands in your closet. Otherwise, you tend to look like that company’s walking mannequin.

Talbots is another retailer with great ankle pant options in a variety of sizes like petite, misses, plus size, and plus size petite.

Talbots ankle pantsTalbots ankle pants
Talbots ankle pantsTalbots ankle pants

How Do Ankle Pants Feel?

The first time you try on this length of pant, your reaction could be that they’re too short. This is especially now that we are coming out of the winter months wearing full length trousers and jeans.

Or, if you’ve never worn this length before, it may feel like “high water” pants. How many kids got teased for their pants not being long enough in childhood during their growth spurt? Since I never grew tall, this was not an issue for me!

Why Do I Love This Look?

While you may think that you don’t need to follow every trend (and that’s absolutely true), I do believe it’s important to look contemporary. By our age, we have a ton of life experience. We are brilliant, and contemporary styles offer proof of this.

Still on the fence? Let’s talk about the pros and cons of having at least one pair of ankle pants in your closet.

Pros of Wearing Ankle Pants

The best reason for owning a pair of these lovelies is the fact that you can wear them with both flats and heels without changing the hemline. This means that they are the perfect pant if you need to go from a day to evening look.

Just switch out your flats to heels, add some bling and you’re good to go. Click here to see my outfit with my pink jeans that are ankle length with flats. Go here to check out my black pair worn with heels.

The next benefit to ankle pants is that showing off your ankle is quite sexy. In fact, I’ve never heard a woman of any age complain that her ankles were ugly!

Another point to consider is that, since the length is not exact, the chances of needing alterations are less. The hemline could vary an inch or two and still look fabulous!

Ankle pants offer a great way to show off a pair of modern ankle strapped shoes. If you wear normal length pants, you wouldn’t see the ankle strap. I love these types of shoes since the straps hold the shoe in place better while you’re walking.

Finally, these pants are the perfect length for wearing with your ankle boots. In fact, they give you the opportunity to show them off! Case in point are my ankle length print pants found on the blog post here.

Cons of Wearing Ankle Pants

First, and perhaps most obviously, if it’s still cold outside, you might get cold ankles. They are definitely exposed, so beware.

On the other end of the weather spectrum, if it’s quite sunny, you might need sunscreen on the part of the leg that is showing. It’s no fun to get burned anywhere and women over 60 need to be especially careful to take care of their skin.

Finally, I’ve heard “style experts” say that this look is not good for shorter women. I actually disagree with this point. I feel like this style can be worn by women of any height. The proportions and fit are the important factors. For the record, I am (in the photos) only 5’2″ – standing really straight with my hair pouffed up.

Do It Yourself Opportunity

Do you want to try out this trend without spending a lot of money? You could take an existing pair of full length pants and have them altered to this length. Keep in mind that the width can be adjusted as well.

Another option would be to check out the thrift stores. They may have a pair waiting for you to purchase.

How do you feel about ankle pants? Do you own a pair? Do you think that they would look good on you? Please join the conversation.

Let\’s Have a Conversation!

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