6 Reasons to Love Face Masks – Besides the Obvious


There’s nothing like a pandemic to show the cracks in the veneer. Where things can break down. What does not work. And yet I am the eternal optimist. I like to find that silver lining. The lesson, the takeaway, the surprise. And, for the COVID-19 crisis, face masks are the silver lining.

Here are all the reasons I like face masks and predict they will continue to be the newest fashion trend:

No Makeup Needed

If you put makeup on underneath the face mask, things get pretty messy. There are so many opinions on cleaning face masks, tests about how water and other substances get through, and whether they are safe or not.

Makeup is just another unneeded layer of dirt for your mask. Besides, no one can see half your face so why bother? If you must, just a drop of mascara is all that is needed (and in my case as a chemo survivor, eyebrow liner too).

No Facial Expressions

It is harder than ever to read behind that mask. I literally find myself telling people when I am smiling or blushing or blowing a kiss. Thank goodness for emojis or I would not know how to describe the emotions hidden behind my mask de jour.

The truth is, wearing a mask takes all the emotion out of most interactions – and sometimes that’s a good thing.

You really cannot hear or see what someone six feet behind you in line is saying as they talk under their breath about you. No reason to interact or get involved if you can’t hear the comments other people are making.

Aging Process Is Hidden

Most aging signs, like those marionette lines around my mouth, are fully covered. For that matter, wearing a mask with large statement sunglasses makes my face barely visible. Add a hat, and no one can see any of the signs of aging that I have dreaded for so long.

Areas where Botox and filler were once needed are all hidden away nice and neat. Wrinkles are made totally acceptable since they can barely be seen. Who needs plastic surgery or to spend money on parts of the face that are now covered? Age gracefully with a mask and some good moisturizer.

Mask De Jour

A mask goes beyond the usual accessory pieces. It opens a whole new market to showcase your quirky traits. I have seen black masks, big masks, gingham masks. You can tell a lot about a person from their mask choice. The possibilities are endless, fancy, seasonal, event specific, and so forth.

Untapped Market

During the initial weeks of the pandemic, there were several reports from retailers that shirt sales outstripped the purchase of pants by a wide margin. Most people figured that no one can see their bottom on the video screen, so why bother?

And then came the mask market.

On Etsy, CVS, Walgreens, and Amazon, masks became a top purchase item. Was there even a real market for masks before? Now it is a whole new trend, an untapped open field. It is exciting to watch. What will the designers come up with? Will there be different styles for seasons and dress choices?

I cannot wait till Paris reveals the Fall Lineup. Those models always are at least six feet apart on the runaway, so I think they are good to go.

Easy Graceful Exit

My new favorite line is: “I’m sorry, I can’t do that with my mask on.” Totally acceptable answer to almost any question when you are in public. Especially if you wear glasses and your mask tends to make them fog.

It cuts negotiations and chit-chat short, and helps with those annoying people who always want to have long conversations on the grocery line or when we are across from each other at the gas pump.

Remember to revise your personal budget and have a line item for masks. Make your personality shine with a mask that screams YOU. Totally unexpected new mandatory gear!

What do you think of face masks? Do you consider them the silver lining of the Covid pandemic? What is your favorite style so far? What do you think are the benefits of face masks – besides the obvious? Please share with our community, and let’s have a chat!

Let\’s Have a Conversation!

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