6 Best Places to Buy Glasses Online


By now most of us are used to shopping online. Small and big retailers have made it simple for us to shop on their websites and to add items to a cart to be purchased in a few quick clicks. If you haven’t already shopped online, you can ask for some help to get started. Children and grandchildren are a good resource.

Some things are no-brainers to buy online and to have delivered to our home, sometimes in a matter of a day. A set of utensils or candles probably don’t need much thought. Other items, like clothing and footwear, will need a little more thought because of sizing and fit.

Eyeglasses are an item that will take you a fair bit of time to purchase, in real life and online. I have researched websites that sell glasses and have put together a list for you of the websites I think are easy to shop, have a great selection, and that have good customer service.

Wondering what style you should go for? Read our article listing some of the best eyeglass styles for women over 50.

FYI: Some eye prescriptions cannot be bought online. People with astigmatism or those who need glasses with progressives are best to buy their glasses in person.

Remember: Most of the prices listed are for the frames only. Lenses and other specialty features like Blue Light lenses or progressives, for example, will make the prices go up considerably.

What to Look for When Buying Glasses Online

Here are a few things to keep in mind when shopping online for glasses.

  • Easy website to browse – I like user-friendly websites that are not confusing. Well-designed websites will take the consumer through the whole process without confusion, from browsing styles to payment and delivery.
  • Try-on feature – Some websites have a feature where you can upload a photo of yourself or use your webcam to try on frames virtually. This works pretty well, I must admit. Try to find websites that offer this feature, you won’t be disappointed.
  • Wide range and variety – I don’t know about you, but I like to have a lot of options to choose from.
  • Customer service – It’s important to have someone to reach out to if you need help with your purchase. Some websites have instant chat boxes where you can speak with someone live.
  • Return policies – Read the return policies carefully. This is the type of item that can, in the end, not be to your complete satisfaction and will have to be returned.

Best Online Glasses



EYEBUYDIRECT have been around since 2005 and stock thousands of glasses and sunglasses. They offer a handy virtual try-on feature and promise a 2-day delivery on certain items. Frames start at only $6 and go up to $320.


The website is easy to navigate with videos and instructions answering any questions you may have during the process of buying your glasses. They also have a 14-day no-questions-asked return policy.

Keep an eye on the regular sales and promotions that they offer!



  • Well established online store with excellent reputation
  • Easy website to navigate
  • Good prices
  • Virtual try-on
  • Only 14 days to return

Warby Parker

Warby ParkerWarby Parker

Warby Parker offers glasses starting at $95, including Rx lenses. They have a very handy free option where you can order up to 5 frames to try on at home and then you simply return them.

You can also try on some frames virtually by downloading their app on your phone.



  • Try-at-home option
  • Good prices
  • Limited in styles
  • Need an app to try on virtually

Liingo Eyewear

Liingo EyewearLiingo Eyewear

Liingo is a newcomer online retailer that specializes in eyeglasses and sunglasses. They also offer the try-on-at-home option where you can order up to 5 frames to try on and then return – at no cost. All frames range between $79 and $129.

Their virtual try-on is also a good option. Follow the easy instructions on the website and then go shopping with the photo of your face to try on as many frames as you wish.

Liingo EyewearLiingo Eyewear

What makes Liingo stand out from the other websites is that you have up to 60 days to return your glasses with no questions asked.



  • Very affordable
  • Excellent return policy
  • Virtual try-on
  • Try-at-home option
  • Not extensive style choices



ZENNI is the most stylish online glasses shop of them all. I especially love the ultra-luxe, super trendy Iris Apfel collection! Style icon Iris collaborated with ZENNI to mark her 100th birthday.


They claim you can get a full prescription pair of eyeglasses for as low as $6.95 and up to $45.95. Be prepared to pay more for specialty lenses, of course.

The return policy is not on-par with other online stores. You get a 100% store refund, or 50% money back, if you want to return your glasses.



  • Very trendy
  • Affordable
  • Virtual try-on feature
  • Poor return policy



GlassesUSA carries top brands like RayBan and Oakley, and also designer brands like Prada and Burberry. Of course, you are expected to pay designer prices, but they regularly have discounts on their styles.

They, like other online glass shops, have the virtual try-on. They offer a 14-day return policy.



  • Designer brands to choose from
  • Regular discounts
  • Can be expensive
  • Short return policy



Lenscrafters have been around for decades and didn’t miss a beat when it came time to start selling online and they are definitely competitive with other glasses websites.

They carry the designer brands that you can also find in the brick and mortar Lenscrafters. One good thing about purchasing online at Lenscrafters is that you can go to one of your local Lenscrafters stores for any adjustments you may need.



  • 30-day Return policy
  • Can be adjusted in your local store
  • Accept most insurance policies
  • Expensive
  • No online virtual try-on

Have you ever bought glasses online? What was your experience like? Will you be purchasing glasses online soon? Do you have another online glasses website you would like to add to our list? Leave your comments below.

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