4 Myths to Wearing Hats and How You Can Learn to Feel Comfortable in Them


Hats are not only good for covering up a bad hair day but also provide much needed shade for our faces in the summer sun. Let’s explore the myths about why you may not be wearing hats, as well as some thoughts about how to find the right one for you.

“I Don’t Look Good in Hats”
EVERY person can look good in hats. The main reason why people think they don’t look good wearing a hat is because they aren’t used to seeing themselves in one. It’s an actual phenomenon called the Mere-exposure effect. Once you start wearing hats more, you will find the styles and varieties that you like.

Insider tip: Take a photo of yourself wearing a couple of hats in a store. Even if you don’t buy them, continue to look at the photos daily for at least two weeks. By the end of the two weeks, you should feel more comfortable seeing yourself in hats.

“It’s Too Hot Outside to Wear a Hat”
While a hat may seem hotter, if it’s shading you from the sun, then it’s cooler than you think.

Insider Tip: The fact of the matter is, you can make hats less hot by wearing ones that have ventilation. Or wear a cooling headband under the hat.

“My Hair Is Always a Mess After I Take Them Off”
Your hair can sure get flatter after wearing a hat, but since that’s the modern hairstyle right now, maybe it can be considered a benefit.

However, if you don’t like flat hair, an easy trick is to flip your hair to the opposite side before you don your hat. Then, when you take it off, flip your hair back, and you’ll notice that it isn’t flat anymore.

Another trick is to buy a hat that isn’t so tight, so it doesn’t smush your hair as much. Or maybe wear a head scarf under your hat, so when you remove the hat, the scarf takes all the attention.

Insider tip: Hats can be considered part of your outfit, so you don’t HAVE to take them off when you go inside. Then it won’t matter how your hair looks under the hat.

My Head Is Too Big/Too Small for Hats”
While most hats are a one-size-fits-all, there are companies that make them in sizes, so you can find ones that fit. Here are some other options:

  • If your head is bigger than most, make sure to check the men’s hats.
  • If your head is smaller than most you might be able to wear kids’ hats or use sizing tape to adjust for a perfect fit.

Tricks for Finding the Right Hat

You want your hat to reflect your personality just like your clothing does. If you’re a newbie hat wearer, then try a neutral color hat and leave your other accessories to a minimum.

Another concern is that hats can make you feel conspicuous. If this bothers you at first, look for hats where the brim isn’t as big and doesn’t stick out as much. For example, fedoras or smaller sun hats are good options.

Since your hat is right near your face, it’s important to find one with a color that complements your complexion. Most summer hats are straw colored, but there are variations of straw colors. If it’s not the right color, you can get creative by dying it or painting it.

Insider tip: Once you’ve gotten used to wearing hats more and more, feel free to spruce them up by adding a scarf around the brim. Let the scarf ends hang down the back of the hat. I always say that just as many people see you from the back as the front. Therefore, it’s nice to give them something fun to look at.

What hat myths have interfered with your relationship with this lovely accessory? Do you like hats? What are your favorite types to wear? Please share with our community!

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