4 Empowering Ways To Make Fashion Over 50 Stylish Every Time!


Looking chic and feeling fabulous is important to every woman at any age. Although tastes change over time, many of us have a unique, personal style that we proudly carry through the decades. What if you are feeling like you are in a style rut? If you are looking for techniques to reinvigorate your look, you’ll enjoy today’s video with Susan “Honey” Good!

In today’s Sixty and Me video, Margaret Manning and fashion blogger Susan “Honey” Good talk about the ways style is less about fashion and more about projecting your inner beauty to the outside world!

Be Authentic

It can be all too easy to fall for the idea that fashion equals style when this is, in many ways, quite the opposite! Fashion is nothing more than a trend, the creation of a designer that becomes popular. It does not automatically mean it will suit every woman on the planet!

Honey recommends focusing on style over fashion as it depicts who we are and how we feel good about ourselves. Instead of cluttering your closet with random, popular pieces, start filling it with items that fit your style and make you feel positive and happy.

Be Positive

We hear a lot about how to create positivity or make it part of your life but when it comes to fashion for mature women, being positive is as simple as being okay with owning and being proud of your choices!

Lose any fear or apprehension you have about what you wear, wear things you are comfortable with and as Margaret says, “Stand true to what you like and who you are.” Self-acceptance is the most positive affirmation you will ever find in your arsenal – use it!

Be Confident In Your Fashion Over 50 Style!

Being stylish is about projecting confidence – in your choices, who you are, and what you are wearing. The clothes are just accessories on a confident woman, merely there to accentuate and express an inner self-assurance!

Margaret believes “Style is the whole package – the attitude, the self-knowledge.” An assertive woman knows she doesn’t need to wear overly low-cut tops to look and feel sexy, she knows her sexiness comes from within and can be seen in her walk and attitude.

This sureness comes from knowing who you are deep down, and not being afraid of what others think of what you are wearing. It also comes from not being afraid to ask for advice if you are unsure of how to make fashion for older women fit your personal style.

Be Proud Of Who You Are

We spend a lot of our lives trying to emulate what we are told looks good, and there is an undue emphasis on a youthful appearance being the first criteria. This is yet another reason that proves why fashion after 50 is about style and substance and not passing fads.

Getting older is something to be celebrated and very different to how it was 50 years ago. In today’s Sixty and Me video, Margaret points out “Women are more educated, and healthier…they’re not going to stop being vibrant or visible suddenly.” A woman’s character and personality are what make up eighty percent of her beauty – older women have this in spades, and should be proud of who they are!

What do you think makes fashion over 50 stylish? Who do you turn to when you need fashion advice? Where do you look to for style inspiration? Join the conversation!

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