10 Reasons Not to Miss the Experience of Going to Clothing Stores


Throughout lockdown fashion lovers have been just itching to get out and go shopping. A trip down the local high street or a meet up in the local shopping mall… whatever your desire it just wasn’t going to happen. And it didn’t.

Online shopping, like the New Normal became, well, the New Normal. We bought everything from baked beans and toothpaste to clothing and shoes. The baked beans and toothpaste were fine, but the clothing wasn’t always what we had in mind, and as for the shoes… let’s not even go there.

But, as with everything, there is good and bad, so I have come up with a list of the top 10 things I definitely DON’T miss about shopping in physical shops.

Over or Under Heating

It’s almost as though, in winter or summer, brick-and-mortar shops are determined to keep us uncomfortable – we’re either wishing we had a personal fan or a duvet jacket. And if you’re struggling through your own temperature gauge problems, you’re in trouble. I can only say, “Good Luck with that!”

Can’t Find What You’re Looking for

Can you remember being able to find exactly what you wanted? It hasn’t happened in my experience, even though ads would always be plastered all over the net. Also, physical stores never seem to have the colour you want. If it’s not On Trend, forget it!

Impossible Sizing with Way Too Many Variations

How many times have you gone to the mall only to get frustrated that different styles come with different size variations? This applies to every manufacturer and every item of clothing you buy (from bandanas to shoes). It’s impossible, for example, to find one size 10 which is the same as another size 10.

Working on the principle that some of us will be able to pack a bag and go away shortly, I have attached an International Sizing Chart… in case of need!

Can’t Find the Ladies Room

The search for a toilet (lavatory, powder room, restroom… you know what I mean) can take longer than finding the right wedding dress. WHY???

Inadequate Privacy

Badly fitting changing room curtains (impossible to close), or saloon doors that are too high or too low, OR horror-of-horrors, the communal changing room. The lack of privacy is frightening… and you don’t have to be a prude to feel this way.

I can only speak for myself, but I really do not want to dress and undress in front of a bunch of total strangers.

Only Full-Price Items Available

How many times have you gone shopping for an advertised discounted item but were told that only the full-price brand-new item is available? It seldom comes as a surprise when you’re told they’re sold out. Of course they are.

Lack of Proper Mirror

The mirror in the fitting room is often too short to see the full picture, so you step outside to use the full-length mirror and find yourself surrounded by young girls who are tall and slim. Suddenly, you feel like a dumpy sack of potatoes tied in the middle.

The Awkwardness of Folded Items

Sure, you’re giving some poor girl a job… she can spend all day every day re-folding clothes to ensure the store looks tidy. The guilt and frustration associated with trying to re-fold the items yourself is sweat-making.

I know, I should leave the mess I created and just walk away, but I really cannot do that. It doesn’t seem like fair exchange to me but what would I know?!

The Game of 20 Questions When You Go to Pay for Your Hard-Won Item

Do you have a points card? Would you like one? Do you have a store card? Do you want a store card? Get a card right now and you’ll get 20% discount immediately.

Are you paying with a card? Do you want a bag? Do you want the hanger? Do you want to go on our database for special offers? Would you like fries with that?

Choice Overwhelm!

You want a plain white t-shirt with to-the-elbow sleeves, not too short and not nightie length. Plain. Did I say plain?! It’s like food… why can we never find what we really want? Which takes me all the way back to #1.

I would love to know what you miss about store shopping and if you prefer the ease of shopping online? The only problem with online shopping, if it is a problem, is that you can’t turn it into a day out with the girls… Or can you?! Please share with us!

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